What is the Rukha Method™ of Healing?

I was first introduced to energy healing many years ago when a therapist recommended that I read Barbara Brennan’s book Hands of Light. This book helped me to understand that simply talking about past experiences may not be enough to heal them. This is because the memory of, and the emotions associated with, our life experiences are housed in the cells and energy fields of our bodies.

That book inspired me to learn more about how psychology and spirituality affect our physical and energetic bodies. I soon discovered the Rukha® Academy of Healing Arts and Science, a licensed two-year, Minnesota-based school of bio-energy healing founded by Shelli Stanger Nelson, which also offers a third-year mastery certificate. Shelli  is a graduate of, and former international lecturer for, the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, who created her own curriculum based on her education and life experience.

The Rukha® Academy Philosophy

“The Rukha Method™ of bio-energy healing seeks to identify and resolve the root-cause of the disharmony—whether the issue is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. This model is based on the understanding that the entire bio-energy system is driven by psychology. That is, thoughts, beliefs, habits and images-all of which are acquired during pre-birth and childhood. Emotions and psychology distort the energy field. The ultimate goal of the Rukha Method™ is to facilitate the emergence of Divine Spirit (Rukha d’ Koodsha) to burst forth into the physical realm.”Rukha® Academy website

How does our psychology distort our energy field?

Our thoughts and beliefs are created in childhood or brought into this lifetime from a past life.

If they begin in childhood, they are based on a child’s logic which may be based on a misconception of reality. Our thoughts and beliefs, conscious or unconscious, gain energy and become an energetic “thought form” when we think of them habitually. Or, other people can give the thought form energy by agreeing with the person.

Barbara Brennan explains, “Their intensity and form are a result of the energy and importance a person has given them. They are created, built and maintained by their owners through habitual thoughts. The more definite and clear the thoughts, the more definite the form.”

She goes on to explain, “The nature and strength of the emotions associated with the thoughts, give the form its color, intensity and power.”

Those that vibrate at a lower frequency can become stagnated in our human energy field and can block us from experiencing love, grace and peace. They “attract” circumstances into our lives that match that vibrational frequency.

The more we give thought forms power, the more effective we will be in creating the result we think about—positive or negative.

How does the Rukha Method™ of energy healing therapy help?

  1. As I energize the chakras, the increase in energy flowing through your system knocks loose energetic blocks that you have buried in your subconscious mind. They may be related to experiences that were too threatening to be felt at the time they occurred, so your mind stores them until you feel safe enough to address them.
  1. I provide a safe place for you to get in touch with these limiting thoughts and beliefs. Once they are brought to your conscious awareness, I help you identify any inaccurate assumptions made based on a child’s perspective. We can imagine new solutions to old problems and shift perceptions to more mature thinking.
  1. I provide a safe place for you to express and release emotions related to those experiences, which is the key to breaking out of a habitual thought form. This releases the energy causing the blockage.
  1. This accelerates the healing process which allows your chakras to stay open for longer periods of time. Creative energy can then flow more effortlessly. Eventually, the chakra will stabilize in the open position and rarely close.

If you are looking for a way to break patterns of habitual thoughts that trigger the same emotions and the same undesired results, check out my online course, “8 Steps to Boost Your Self-Confidence: Trust Your Soul to Guide You.” I will support you in breaking this pattern so that more of your creative, Divine Spirit can shine forth in your life.

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