Tired of your Emotions Getting Triggered?

Release them on a soul-level!



When my client, Kristina contacted me, she had been experiencing recurring themes with her emotions getting triggered in her life that she hadn’t been able to solve in a satisfactory way. She was really disheartened.

She requested an Akashic Record reading from me to try to understand her situation on a deeper soul level and to see if we could clear some of the energy that was causing her emotional pain.

In the Akashic Record Reading that I did for her, I identified the root cause of the issues she’s experiencing and the events and circumstances that took place at the time. I was able to help her clear the energy that still resided in her soul today that was triggering her emotional issues.

As a result, she felt lighter. Some things that felt so heavy for her in the past, didn’t feel heavy anymore. After the reading and clearing, the issue that she addressed has since been completely cleared out of her mind awareness. Things that would’ve triggered her in the past don’t trigger her anymore. They don’t hold as much energy, if any.

And in situations when she normally would have been triggered, she’s been able to stop, reflect and make a different choice. Her usual way of reacting to certain situations is shifting in subtle ways because she feels empowered to choose a different response to stressful events in her life.

If you’re interested in exploring a different approach to address a recurring issue that’s causing you emotional pain, check out the consultations I provide that identify and clear these issues here. I can help you release your emotions on a soul-level.

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