The Masks We Wear

Early one morning, as my husband passed by my home office, he saw a strange sight. Sunlight was shining through our stained glass window directly onto a mask that hangs on the opposite wall. It was illuminated in the most profound way.

When this illuminating event happened again the next day, I decided it was too much of a coincidence to ignore.

What was the message the Universe was sending? Who was the message for? I came to the conclusion that it was a reminder that we all can benefit from.

You see, this mask carries particular significance to my work as an energy reader and healer. I’d created it as part of our Living With Consciousness™ curriculum at Rukha® Academy to acknowledge that we all wear masks in an attempt to appear “good.” Read more about the Rukha Method™ of Healing .

We unconsciously create masks to portray an image of ourselves to the outer world.

It’s what we think we need to do or be in order to be loved or to feel safe. The masks are really covering up feelings of inadequacy, fear, pride, will, anger, judgment, or criticism. These masks are a state of inauthenticity—it’s not who we really are.

One mask we might choose to create is the “serenity mask.”  

The message we portray to the world when we wear this mask is, “I am not going to talk about anything negative. I will only talk about positive things and I will not disagree with anyone. I will not allow myself to ever show anyone that I am hurt.”

When we wear this mask we avoid uncomfortable feelings of anger, grief, fear, and pain. Or, it is used to avoid conflicts or confrontations that might occur if we express these feelings.

We wear this serenity mask because deep within us we are hiding the fear of aggression. Therefore, we may seek safety from others by isolating ourselves.

Another mask we might choose to create is the “power/will mask.”  

It portrays to the world the message, “I am capable of doing anything anyone asks me to do; therefore, I will agree to do it. I will not say ‘No’ to anyone because I don’t want to let them down. I will push my way through it and endure the consequences so that I don’t disappoint them.”

We wear this mask when we are unconsciously covering up our terror of feeling inadequate.

A mask that is very common in spiritual communities is the “love mask.”  

We wear this mask to draw people in through an artificial façade of love. The way that this manifests is portraying to the outer world that we love everyone and everything, and we deny that we have any thoughts or feelings that are undesirable.

I love everyone I meet. I won’t allow you to see that I am not perfect. I will only show the world that I live in peace and happiness.”

This love mask hides the unconscious terror of hatred within us.

Have you created one of these masks that you portray into the world?  

Do you wear the “serenity mask” and avoid saying anything that would make anyone uncomfortable? Do you wear the “love mask” and sugar-coat and cover up any pain you are experiencing? Do you wear the “power/will mask” and push your way through difficult times and force yourself to endure no matter what?

I know that I have. This can be especially common in spiritual communities where people feel the need to wear these masks in order to be seen as “good.” We develop these masks as children and young adults as coping strategies. But they can cause us to blame others instead of taking responsibility for our choices.

If you can relate to wearing these masks and would like to become your more authentic self, click here to learn 8 Steps to Boost Your Self-Confidence: Trust Your Soul to Guide You.

I can help you become consciously aware of which masks you wear, how you created them to defend yourself from feeling pain, and what is lying beneath them. Inadequacy? Fear of aggressiveness? Terror of feeling hatred?

Once the mask is illuminated, it can be healed, and you will be empowered to discover and share your true, authentic self with the world.

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