The Akashic Records: What Are They & How Can They Help You?

Have you ever wondered “Why am I here?” or “What is my purpose?”

Have you ever struggled to find out why certain situations are repeatedly happening in your life and what you can do to break the pattern?

Finding answers to these questions is much more accessible to us in this day and age than it was even 50 years ago. Why? Because for centuries this information was entrusted exclusively to mystics, saints and scholars. But now, we have direct access to a spiritual resource that can assist us in understanding our soul, its journey and our life lessons.

This tool is called the Akashic Records and its purpose is to educate and guide us to become the people that our Divine Source created us to be.

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records is a dimension of consciousness that serves like a centralized energetic database. It contains information about every soul in the history of the world. Think of it as an ever-expanding experiential body of knowledge.

Each soul has its own Akashic Record that houses its particular vibrational history—every thought, emotion, word, intention, action, experience, choice, event, and consequence that we have experienced in this lifetime and in past lifetimes. It also stores every potential and possibility for our future which is ever-changing based on our free will and the choices we make.

 Watch this video for additional information about the Akashic Records.

What does Akashic mean?

Akashic comes from the word Akasha, which is a Sanskrit word that means primary substance. It is the pure state of energy manifested and recognized as love, light, peace, power, beauty, order and balance. It exists in the earliest state before even the slightest of vibrations has been imprinted upon it.

How are the Akashic Records accessed?

Accessing the Akashic Records requires training, but anyone can learn how to do it. There are a variety of ways to access them based on the training received. I’ve been trained by Andrrea Hess in the Soul Realignment program and Lisa Barnett in the Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom.

How can an Akashic Records reading help you?

An Akashic Record reading is your gateway into accessing your soul-level wisdom that will begin to heal your pain, clear confusion, and provide the answers and direction you seek.

Simply put, accessing your soul’s Akashic Record helps you to see yourself and your life more clearly and from a new, more empowering perspective.

A reading can help you understand:

• how your soul was originally created by Divine Source
• what your divine gifts are and how you might best use them in a career or through volunteering
• how your soul’s personal blueprint is designed to create and manifest what you want in life
• your purpose and meaning in life and how to manifest it
• how to experience greater abundance in all areas of your life—creatively, professionally, financially, energetically
• how you can align your business to your soul’s purpose and intentions
• what your child’s divine gifts are and how you can best support their growth and development
• where and how your life lessons are showing up in your life
• what life lessons your soul chose to learn from your significant relationships
• when or where a problem originated in your life and how to clear the negative energy associated with it

Would you like to receive support for your soul’s journey?

I provide different types of Akashic Record readings in the programs that I offer that address specific questions and issues. Check out the variety of services and online courses I provide and learn how your life can be transformed.

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