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Stage 3: Reaching the Summit

In this last stage of the expedition, it’s time to develop your capacity to connect with your authentic self. 


This is where you discover who you really are. 


You learn how to express yourself in your own unique way so that you can live in alignment with it. You’ll learn where you are on your spiritual journey so that you can view life from this perspective.


In the 3rd Stage, you’ll access spiritual practices where you won’t just get to know yourself, but also reach heights you’ve never reached before by tapping into your inner voice.


As you raise your conscious awareness, you’ll be able to access higher spiritual dimensions. This will help you learn who you were created to be and how to make choices that honor that.


Bask in Your Self-Confidence

Pre-requisite: Stage 2: Ascending the Mountain

To be honest, this inner work isn’t always an easy stroll. But when you get to the top, all that hard work is worth it as you experience the joys and benefits of getting to the summit.

When you embark upon this journey to the summit and embrace your authentic self — dawn will come and lift your spirit.

In Stage 3: Reaching the Summit, you’ll receive:

If you’re ready to commit to the full journey and reach the summit, then Enroll in Stage 3: Reach the Summit. 


Find your inner voice and awaken your spiritual self as you enjoy newfound confidence, deep healing, and wholeness in all aspects.


This is the summit of our program, but your spiritual journey continues on as you take what you’ve learned and descend down the mountain and back into your daily life!


This may be one of the biggest challenges you will tackle, but the summit provides ample reward for the effort. You are worth it.


Enroll in Stage 3 to maximize what you can get out of this and let’s embark on this journey together. I’ll support you on your journey to reach the top!