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Now that you know what’s involved in setting up basecamp, let’s talk about Stage 2 of this journey up the mountain.

The Goal of Stage 2: Ascending the Mountain is to seek a higher perspective of your life. The higher you go up the mountain, the higher the perspective you receive and the bigger the picture you see. You can trust your soul to guide you.

Once you’ve set up your base camp, reassured that you have a safe place to come home to, it’s time to take that first step up and gain momentum.

Stage 2: Ascending the Mountain

Stage 1: Setting Up Base Camp

Boost Your Self-Confidence

Learn spiritual practices that empower you to:


● Understand yourself on an intimate level—both your inner world and your physical body

● Become conscious of your emotions, beliefs, and defenses as a crucial step to transforming your life

● Unravel habits and patterns that are impacting your life without you realizing it.

● Develop gratitude and seek greater balance in your life

● And much more!

But here’s the thing… you won’t just get the online program.

I also want to personally invite you to accelerate your journey to healing, enlightenment, and transformation through Individual Coaching sessions.


The journey of our soul is recorded in the heavens—in our very own “Book of Life.” It is a diary of everything that has transpired with it from the moment of its inception. Every thought, feeling, circumstance, and choice made that your soul has experienced on its journey is contained in an energetic recording and is housed in your soul’s Akashic Record.

With your permission, we can access your soul’s Akashic Record to gain clarity and understanding about the issues that must be resolved in order for you to move forward.

We’ll go deeper into the concepts taught during the lessons covered. You’ll gain a higher perspective of your life as you ascend the mountain on this guided expedition. 

Do you want to add this opportunity to your journey?

Deeper healing, enlightenment, and transformation will result as you:

● Ask questions to receive clarity and deeper understanding.

  • ● Release outdated beliefs, trauma, and/or other emotions that are keeping you stuck.

    ● Receive profound healing energy sent to you from Divine Source.

    ● Integrate this wisdom and healing into your life. 

Together we will explore how you can move beyond the relationship you currently have with yourself and transform your self-identity, self-worth, and self-esteem. In the end, you’ll have a renewed sense of self-confidence.

In Stage 2: Ascending the Mountain, you’ll receive:

I invite you to begin to tap into the wisdom of your soul by enrolling in Stage 2: Ascending the Mountain.

To keep you motivated as a valued client to continue this journey up the mountain, I’m offering this stage to you for a one-time discount of $20.

Set up your base camp and start ascending the mountain!