Purposelessness Can Lead To A Spiritual Awakening

Feeling like we have no purpose in life can actually be a good thing.

I’ve experienced “purposelessness” in my life and it actually ended up being a good thing because it made me realize that something was missing. I believe I was longing to come to know my soul. This longing served as a catalyst to experience a spiritual awakening.

A spiritual awakening is a process in which we die to our old self and give birth to a new self. It can be painful at times, but worth it when we get to the other side. Coming to know myself on a soul-level has helped me to identify my life’s purpose. When I make choices that align with my mission and purpose, I experience an abundance of joy and fulfillment.

There are three phases of a spiritual awakening and our soul can guide us through the process.

In the first phase, there’s some life event or circumstance (positive or negative) that triggers us to question the foundation upon which we’ve built our lives. It can be triggered by the death of a loved one or another kind of loss. For me it was a positive, mystical encounter that resulted in an immense degree of peace and joy that I’d never experienced before. This was the trigger that prompted me to seek the answer to “What just happened?”

This quest led me on a spiritual journey of both formal and informal study. It provided me with the opportunity to examine thoughts, beliefs, and ways of being that I’d learned throughout my life. During this time of personal introspection, I began to question the foundation upon which I’d built my life. It’s a very unsettling time because while the old ways didn’t work anymore, I still didn’t know who I’d become through this process. This uncertainty can cause confusion, fear, anxiety or depression.

The second phase is about letting go of the things, people, habits, value systems and belief systems that don’t resonate anymore. This includes our concepts about God and how the Universe works. It felt like my faith was disappearing which was very painful. It brought up a lot of anger and resistance because it wasn’t easy giving up my old ways of being when I didn’t yet have a new foundation upon which to anchor myself.

As I tried on new concepts, ideas, thoughts, and beliefs and kept the ones that resonated as my own spiritual truth, I began to form my new way of being. In this third phase, I discovered the Akashic Records in which I learned about my life from my soul’s perspective. The information they contain provided me with the new foundation I’d been seeking.

Through this process, I’ve healed issues on a soul-level and birthed my authentic self.

I’ve discovered that my purpose is to facilitate the process of healing, enlightenment and transformation within spiritual seekers so that they can live their purpose and thrive. I’m grateful for the peace and joy I experience as I live my own purpose and thrive!

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