Energetic Analysis of Your Business



Are you a current or prospective business owner who would like your business to be an expression of your soul’s purpose?

Would you like to discover how well your products or services, processes and systems, contributors and customers align with your soul’s purpose?

Would you like to know specifically what changes you can make in these areas to create greater alignment?

Discover how to align your business to your soul’s purpose.

This is a Two-Part Reading:

Part 1 includes a Soul Profile & Blueprint reading, a Soul Realignment Reading, an energetic alignment of your business to your intention, and an overall energetic analysis of your business.

Part 2 includes a detailed energetic analysis of your business to identify where there are misalignments with your Products and Services, Sales, Marketing, Contributors, Business Systems and Customers that do not meet your intentions.

Each part is a 90-Minute Phone or In-Person Reading and $500.


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