Open to an unconventional path of self-discovery?

Jane was serious about discovering who she really was, and about seeking a greater understanding of how her life choices were affecting her efforts to live her soul's purpose. She was struggling with knowing if she was on the right track with her life and business. She was unsure of herself and didn’t trust her intuition on what to do. Jane was open to an unconventional path of self-discovery

By tapping into the wisdom of her soul through her Akashic Record, I helped Jane discover what her soul-level gifts are and that her soul’s primary life lesson that it wants to experiment with in this lifetime is “Abundance.”

After learning this, she realized that she had beliefs that were blocking her abundance. One of them was that whatever she does is never good enough or fast enough. Through this process of seeing her life from her soul’s perspective, she had an “aha” moment when she realized, “I can’t manifest my purpose if I don’t believe I’m good enough!” This new awareness has empowered her to take positive steps for her life and helped her to understand key reasons why she has been reluctant to do so in the past.

As a result of our work together, her self-doubt has significantly decreased. She’s found clarity about her life’s direction. She’s committed herself to a new home business that makes her happier than she’s been in a long time. She feels a greater sense of calmness, success and life contentment.

She shared with me, “I feel a deep sense of happiness that I haven’t felt since I was a small child when I honored my heart’s desires instead of what my mind told me to do.”

If you’re seeking greater contentment or fulfillment in your life and you are open to an unconventional path of self-discovery, check out my program to "Align to Your Soul's Design."

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