Would you like to receive insight from your soul to help you live your divine potential?

You can be enlightened about your soul’s divine nature through your Akashic Record

Your soul contains infinite wisdom that, once revealed, can shed light on the areas of your life that keep you feeling stuck. Your soul’s Akashic Record is your gateway into accessing your soul-level wisdom that will begin to provide the answers and direction you seek, clear confusion, and heal your pain.

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are the energetic recording of every person’s thoughts, words, feelings, deeds, intentions and interactions with the rest of creation. They contain the story of our soul’s journey from the moment of inception. With your permission, I access your Record to help you discover who you are as a soul, past events and circumstances that may be impacting your life today, as well as potentials and probabilities for your future.

Discover how information from your Akashic Record can help you to live your best life.

  • Pursue your passions by creating a meaningful purpose for your life that aligns with your values.
  • Gain insight on future possibilities and probabilities that are realistic for you based on your past choices and actions.
  • Gain new insights and perspectives on your relationships with key people in your life on a soul-level. Identify and clear issues that may be keeping you stuck.
  • Learn how your soul is designed to manifest the outcomes you desire for your life and as a result, create effective intentions and action steps to get there.
  • Provide an analysis showing you where the energy is flowing freely in your body, where it’s blocked, and then learn how you can release the blockages.
  • Introduce you to your team of spirit guides who are dedicated to support you in this lifetime.

Barbara's program has given me a ton of information and a lot of different types of information; from, what I'm here to learn, to what my purpose is, to how I am designed, and what my obstacles are. This work has validated things I thought or suspected were true about me, re-framed things I was experiencing that I misunderstood, and offered new insight and understanding that I would have no way of unearthing otherwise. Barbara has also helped to clarify how I can create change and pursue the new intentions I have set for myself based on what I now understand about who I really am. As a result of working with her I feel things shifting around me, I feel different about the possibilities in my life and how to pursue them, and I see myself in a new way.

--Christopher Carrick, Spiritual Director, Massachusetts

How Jan Created a Meaningful Purpose For Her Life

Jan had been struggling since her husband died 3 years ago. She was dealing with grief and was trying to make herself feel better looking for love and comfort in the wrong places. She found herself in situations in which she was scammed by people on the internet. She was stuck. At 75 years old, it was important to Jan to find out what her purpose was for her life. She wanted to use the time she has left here on this earth to make a difference in the world.

She felt led to me because she knew that I was a real, authentic person and not a scammer. She trusted the wisdom and knowledge that I’ve gained through my spiritual journey and appreciated the healing process that I’ve been through. She shared that my authenticity allowed her to feel safe in being her authentic self with me. She wanted to find out more about her soul and spirit and where to go from here with her life.

I led her through a process to come to know her soul and to create a meaningful purpose for her life. She learned why her passions and values are important and how to align her life with them. She learned what her soul has come here to heal. By accessing her Akashic Record, I shared with her what her soul-level gifts are and what the strengths and challenges are of those gifts. I also shared with her what her soul’s chosen life lessons are–the qualities that her soul wants to experiment with in this lifetime.

As a result, Jan has gained clarity and confidence on how to use her gifts. Opportunities to share them with other widows and widowers have appeared quickly. She feels a greater level of vitality as she has aligned her life with her gifts and a meaningful purpose. She shared, “I just want to get out of my car on the highway, raise my arms and yell, ‘Yaayyy!’”

My Spirit says “Thank you for who you are Barb.” I have been blessed to have you guide me in learning how my Divine Soul Blueprint contains the key to my soul's divine gifts and qualities. I feel so alive! My SPIRIT has chosen to use the strengths and challenges of my primary gift of Divine Love & Healing in a ministry at my church.


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