Are you grappling to understand why things are happening the way they are?

You can gain clarity and insight about your life’s experiences by understanding them from your soul’s perspective.

Many of us go through challenges and traumatic experiences in our lives that lead us to ask, “why me?”  Why do bad things keep happening to good people? Do any of these circumstances describe you?

  • You’re perplexed about why you’re experiencing certain situations in your life that have caused you pain and you wonder how to make meaning out of the suffering.
  • You wonder how you ended up in the same family with people who are so different than you.
  • Some relationships with partners or friends are causing you disharmony and discomfort and you’re confused as to why you feel so compelled to be with them.
  • Some people appear at just the right time in your life with just the right thing for what you need at that moment. And you feel a strong connection with them—as though you’ve known them forever. Is it just a coincidence?
  • You have coworkers or business associates who drive you nuts and you question how you’re going to be able to continue working with them.

When you don’t understand why you’re experiencing difficult circumstances or challenging relationships, it’s easy to feel like a victim instead of a powerful creator of your own experience. Believe it or not, your soul may be attracting these people or situations to you to advance your own personal growth and development.

Here are some examples:

  • Some people are in your life because they have a soul contract or agreement with you to assist you in developing certain qualities. They may be part of your soul family.
  • You may be actively supporting others who are in your soul family to experience what their souls came here to learn.

Your soul’s Akashic Record

can reveal this higher perspective to you

by revealing the qualities you’ve chosen to develop.

Schedule a Soul Perspective Consultation

Here’s how it can help

Our souls have given a lot of thought to what they wanted to do, be, or become when they chose to incarnate into a physical body here on planet Earth. The concept of “soul planning” explains that our souls, along with wise, spiritual beings, created a plan that has many possibilities and probabilities that we can manifest based on our own free will and the choices we make.

They are all designed to help us accomplish one of our purposes of what we came here for. Both the positive AND contrasting experiences will help us to develop certain qualities. And sometimes, the pain and suffering we encounter in our lives is the best vehicle for us to develop these qualities.

You may have been working on these for many lifetimes as part of your soul’s purpose. Sometimes, there are negative karmic patterns that cause you to not be able to experience the positive side of that quality. We’ll ask your Akashic Record Keepers to clear the negative energy related to those qualities so that you can experience the positive aspect of it.

This information offers you a way to make meaning of your pain and suffering. It provides you with insight and a new perspective about your life experiences. It can help you understand why you may be attracting certain people or experiences. When the negative patterns are cleared, it empowers you to make conscious choices to manifest the positive side of those qualities.

What this means for you

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • What the qualities are that your soul has chosen to experiment with in this lifetime.
  • How many lifetimes you’ve lived on planet Earth and how many lifetimes you’ve chosen these qualities.
  • In which life areas these qualities are showing up for you, i.e. your profession, finances, primary relationship, health and wellness, personal development, spiritual development, friendships, family, rest and relaxation, physical surroundings and community.
  • If there are negative karmic patterns that are preventing you from experiencing the positive side of those qualities.
  • How to clear this negative energy so that you can be empowered to make conscious choices to manifest the positive side of those qualities.

Your Investment: $349

Here’s what you can expect

  • You’ll schedule your session and pay for the service or program through the link below.
  • You’ll give me your written permission to access your soul’s Akashic Record.
  • I’ll provide you with applicable electronic documents with your personalized information on it in advance of your session(s).
  • We’ll meet via zoom conference call during your scheduled time, and I’ll record the session with your permission.
  • During the session(s), we’ll process what you discovered about yourself in your personalized documents and/or review resources provided.
  • After the session, I’ll provide you with an audio and/or video recording of the session(s) for your future reference.

What others are saying

I met Barbara shortly after losing both my parents within a few months. I was not just grieving their loss, but also dealing with much unresolved anger and hurt. I felt lost and unanchored and stuck in my personal life and in an unfulfilling job. I recognized patterns in myself that I did not like that were causing me to repeat negative behaviors and struggle with relationships. I was (am) very much in a state of transition after spending a lifetime of being a daughter, sister, wife, mother, employee; I wanted to discover who and what I was meant to be and to find meaning in life. With Barbara’s compassionate coaching, I gained insight and understanding in what experiences and lessons I am here to learn in fulfilling my soul’s purpose. I find sense and meaning in everyday experiences and people I meet and see life through an entirely different lens: with clarity and faith and courage. I have attracted more positive people and situations in my life, and my relationships with my husband and others have greatly improved. I have even made new friends. Although my original intent was to find direction and focus and purpose, the main benefit has been the overwhelming healing I have experienced since my Akashic Records readings and healing and clearing meditations. I am much more at peace with myself and face situations and the future with anticipation and positivity, as opportunities rather than with fear and anxiety and anger. I look at others in my life with a whole new outlook and perspective; that we are all here to help each other grow, learn, and evolve - and most importantly, love. I feel surrounded by love and support and guidance. I did have a very happy and unexpected surprise after my work with Barbara. My gifts and talents and passions as communicated to me were very consistent with what I believed them to be and how I had been using them. Putting them into practice and in the right environment in a positive way was another matter. Although I intended to start winding down my career and consider retirement and volunteer work, a person from my past coincidentally contacted me out of the blue, and I received a job offer. It is not exactly the path I expected or was even looking for; but I felt it was no accident and meant to be, and I am in a much more respectful and satisfying work environment


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