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Why try Spiritual Empowerment Coaching?

Are you questioning all that you’ve been taught and heard throughout your life about God, the universe, and your place in it? Explore your beliefs, uncover what is no longer in alignment with who you long to be, and step into a place of more personal power that honors your soul’s design and purpose. All it takes is you, clarity, and empowered actions. Spiritual Empowerment Coaching will help you find clarity and provide direction so that you can go from where you are to where you want to be in life.

"I have found a sense of freedom in trusting my own inner guidance, which I believe to be from my Soul. The Soul Profile & Blueprint Reading and Soul Realignment Reading, along with Barb's Spiritual Empowerment Coaching have helped me to take positive steps for my life, by helping me to understand key reasons why I've personally been reluctant to take those steps in the past. In the months since working with Barb, I have felt increasingly free to be who I really am, and that feels very good!"

--Jane Thiegs

Spiritual Empowerment Coaching will help you:

  • Become consciously aware of how the Spirit is leading and directing you toward a way of life that fosters an inner sense of well-being and of experiencing love, peace and joy
  • Re-frame your beliefs to allow your Spirit to come alive
  • Identify changes you can make to achieve and maintain the new state of being that you desire
  • Use your unique blueprint to manifest the outcomes you desire
  • Align your choices and actions to honor your soul’s design and purpose
  • Refine your intentions and action steps to achieve your goals

"The information that I received in the Spiritual Empowerment Coaching was key in helping me understand barriers that have prevented me from growing in the past, as well as the strengths that I need to capitalize on. Barbara guided me through a step-by-step process of setting an intention, making a plan for action steps, and challenged me to execute the plan. Other programs I had experienced in the past were not detailed and personalized enough to take me through this step-by-step process. She encouraged me to ask for what I wanted and needed, which has always been difficult for me. The best part is that things are changing in my life in ways that I had not thought possible. I look forward to continuing my work with Barbara. She is an outstanding, gifted coach."

—Marcia Danzinger, Wisconsin

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