I had a successful business career over 25 years, but from 2008 to 2016 I was laid off 4 different times and unemployed a total of 22 months. I had lost my self-confidence. I felt that I had great experience, education, work ethic, and was a loyal, dedicated employee. I had difficulty getting jobs and keeping them during that 8-year period due to mergers and companies going out of business. I was wondering why I kept finding myself in this position. I was worried that I might never get a job again due to my age. I was struggling with, “Why me?” “What is the meaning of all of this?” “What am I supposed to learn from this?” ”Where do I go from here?” I started working with Barb to understand my situation from my soul’s perspective. I wanted to receive guidance on how to proceed and to clear any hurdles that were preventing me from moving forward. One main benefit of working with Barb is that she accessed my Akashic Record and identified some things that were contributing to this recurring pattern and helped me to clear them. I also learned how I’m uniquely designed to achieve the goals I set for myself. I learned how to set more specific intentions and goals that align with who I am. This was a significant factor in attracting the job and outcome I desired. Within a month of refining my intentions, I was contacted by my current boss who was searching for candidates to fill a position that was exactly what I was looking for. I was hired shortly thereafter and love my job. It gives me the opportunity to use my gifts of creating new business relationships, training and presenting information to clients, and it meets my passion for adventure and travel. I highly recommend working with Barb if you’re going through a similar transition and want help moving forward if you’re stuck and in providing direction for a vocation that meets your heart’s desires.

Kent B.

I enjoyed my Spirit Guide Reading with Barbara. I loved finding out who my spirit guides are, their Divine gifts, what their role is to support me and what message they wanted to give me. I felt I could relate to all of them. It was a great experience and would suggest if you are looking to have a better understanding of yourself and your soul to have a reading done with Barbara.

Paula Holway

I met Barbara shortly after losing both my parents within a few months. I was not just grieving their loss, but also dealing with much unresolved anger and hurt. I felt lost and unanchored and stuck in my personal life and in an unfulfilling job. I recognized patterns in myself that I did not like that were causing me to repeat negative behaviors and struggle with relationships. I was (am) very much in a state of transition after spending a lifetime of being a daughter, sister, wife, mother, employee; I wanted to discover who and what I was meant to be and to find meaning in life. With Barbara’s compassionate coaching, I gained insight and understanding in what experiences and lessons I am here to learn in fulfilling my soul’s purpose. I find sense and meaning in everyday experiences and people I meet and see life through an entirely different lens: with clarity and faith and courage. I have attracted more positive people and situations in my life, and my relationships with my husband and others have greatly improved. I have even made new friends. Although my original intent was to find direction and focus and purpose, the main benefit has been the overwhelming healing I have experienced since my Akashic Records readings and healing and clearing meditations. I am much more at peace with myself and face situations and the future with anticipation and positivity, as opportunities rather than with fear and anxiety and anger. I look at others in my life with a whole new outlook and perspective; that we are all here to help each other grow, learn, and evolve - and most importantly, love. I feel surrounded by love and support and guidance. I did have a very happy and unexpected surprise after my work with Barbara. My gifts and talents and passions as communicated to me were very consistent with what I believed them to be and how I had been using them. Putting them into practice and in the right environment in a positive way was another matter. Although I intended to start winding down my career and consider retirement and volunteer work, a person from my past coincidentally contacted me out of the blue, and I received a job offer. It is not exactly the path I expected or was even looking for; but I felt it was no accident and meant to be, and I am in a much more respectful and satisfying work environment.


Before my session with Barbara, I was struggling to understand the negative patterns in my life. I wanted to learn more about the root cause of my issues. Barbara was able to help me identify the root cause to my problems, and the information she revealed to me was very insightful. Prior to my session, I was holding onto so much anger, fear, guilt, shame, and resentment. Barbara was able to clear my energy blockages, and ALL my negative energies disappeared. During our session, I instantly felt lighter, and I now have a greater sense of clarity. I’m already noticing shifts in my relationships, and triggers that once existed are completely gone. It feels like a true miracle. My session with Barbara was life changing, and she truly is the real deal! I’ll be forever grateful for her part in my spiritual journey.


I had the privilege of working with Barb in my quest for greater specificity in my spiritual life. I had been aware of the general spiritual realm and the "5th Dimension" as some call it or what's called the "Kingdom of Heaven" in the Christian tradition. But I had an intuitive sense I needed to deepen my vision of that Kingdom. I needed to find more specific language for this realm. In my work with Barb, I was able to discover the particular spirit guides on my "team." She did indeed help me recognize some of the levels and beings helping us from this greater realm. I learned there were some blockages which kept my soul from doing all that it is called to do. And Barb taught me how to pray my intentions to seek help clearing those barriers in my soul. I am delighted by the discoveries I've had in my work with Barb. If you're looking for that "something more" in your spiritual life, there's a good chance Barb could be the person you want to connect with! I heartily recommend her.

Carmala Aderman

Wow! Barbara worked with me for an hour that I'll NEVER forget! She consulted my Akashic Records and taught me about the deepest parts of my being. When she spoke of what my records said, I knew immediately that she was truly in contact with my personal Record Keepers because she told me stuff about myself that no one else could know. She healed me energetically and provided a new beginning and a fresh start free from old trauma and old beliefs that had caused me so much suffering for so long. Thank you Barbara for healing me and teaching me in such an efficient, joyful, and comfortable manner possible.

Wendy Wilder

I recommend the programs Barb offers. Working with her I find the answers to nagging questions about myself. I now have a much better understanding of who I am. She showed me how to connect with my soul’s purpose. I’ve learned to love myself, have compassion for myself and others. I have goals for the future and the resources to achieve them. Barb is knowledgeable and inspiring. She is kind, caring, intuitive, wise and so willing to share herself to help me find my best self.


When I first started working with Barb, I felt a lack of purpose, lost, hopeless, sadness and frustration. Our work together helped me to realize that my life has a purpose and a plan, even if I’m not yet sure of all the details of what that is. I have a new perspective on life and its hardships. I’m more in tune with my thoughts and feelings. I have learned to slow down and listen to my intuition. I’m excited and passionate about spirituality and why I’m here! I feel like I have a greater awareness of my own energy, as well as other’s energy around me. I also feel like I see people differently and have more compassion for them, as well as greater compassion for myself!


Before working with Barbara, I felt lost. Your reading of my Akashic Records is spot on! After learning about myself from my soul's perspective through my Akashic Record, I felt renewed, deeply known, heard and validated. I learned what love is. My whole attitude and outlook towards life changed. I felt hopeful. I took a completely different direction in life, one in which I am motivated and engaged, and with purpose. This was also the beginning of truly loving and accepting myself. I feel so at peace with who I am today. Thank you Barbara.


I met Barb through a community education class she offered. I knew immediately I wanted to work with her because she was very passionate about the Akashic record work she does. I was lacking direction, purpose, and living with a lot of negativity. I had been recently separated and questioning my ability to be independent. After my first visit it was immediately clear to me what changes I needed to make. After following some simple reading/meditation practices I felt some shifting. In the following visits, I would share with Barb how I was feeling and she would immediately bring clarity to the situation. I began to feel more confident in my decisions and was able to focus more on how I could use my gifts and life lessons to my benefit. Working with my Akashic record information has given me a new perspective. The information I received benefits me every day in the decisions I make and especially in my relationships! I am thankful I took the time to learn about the Akashic Records and may do some further work with Barb!


After my Akashic Record readings, I am now asking the deeper questions, and having more compassion toward myself and other people. I'm accepting things more often with understanding and a love for life, no matter if I personally like the outcome or not. Really the biggest thing I took away, was my expansion of conscious awareness of things happening for a purpose that is for our greater good, rather than the thing we want at that moment. I also see people in my life differently. I have a new-found respect for their being on their own journey, I have an understanding of how pain and suffering can serve a greater purpose for our souls.


Since we met for my Akashic Record readings, I've been doing the meditations and prayers you provided. I've asked my spirit guides to clear any obstacles stopping me from living to my fullest potential in all areas of my life. I have seen significant improvements in my life. The energy I'm projecting is amazing and positive, and the energies I'm attracting are helpful and nourishing. Overall, I feel like my life is in perfect balance for once.


When I started this program, I felt that there were blocks preventing me from meeting my soulmate. This program gave me a clearer picture of my soul and better understanding of myself and my relationships with others. I believe that the blocks identified in my Akashic Record readings have been lifted and cleared and that it has freed me. I feel that I can now move forward and that new doors will be opened.


Having my Akashic Record reading was very transformative. It helped me see patterns in my life that were not serving my highest good. I thought it was just how the way things were but I wanted to have a better quality of life that was enjoyable and makes me happy. The events were returning to me again and again because I was not learning from them. During the reading, I recognized where the negative patterns were showing up and how to clear them so that I have a more positive future. I'm looking forward to experiencing more joy and empowerment.


I have more poignant direction and motivation towards my growth and journey. I feel as if I am on the right path and I have a greater understanding of all things now. This process has been an integral part of my journey. I have an overall sense of joy, peace and being centered now.


I received clarity and a deeper understanding of my current life lessons and situations. Barbara, your reading is spot on! It is amazing how accurate you are! I am beginning to feel spiritually lighter and more aware. It has been a catalyst for transformation.


Throughout the past year and a half, my husband and I experienced the tragic loss of my daughter, and then six months later the recurrence of his throat cancer. Losing a beloved child left me feeling many days as though I could not go on. The news that my husband's cancer had returned left us both reeling, feeling hopeless, and at times, panic stricken. We had no choice but to continue moving forward as we were now parenting my daughter's two sons. Barb, my sister-in-law, reached out to me to offer her gifts of spiritual healing and insight into what my soul may have chosen to learn in this life. She also reached out to my husband and helped him process what was happening to him and what his soul may be learning from his experience from such physical and emotional pain. Through her gentle coaching, her genuine compassion towards us, and honest concern for helping us move forward to finding meaning amongst all of this tragedy, we began to understand that there is soul-level meaning and purpose to what we were experiencing. We are still scared sometimes, and still suffer, but we now understand that our experiences are part of a much larger plan that we have chosen for our ultimate transformation. We extend to Barb our deepest gratitude of helping us through...

Brian and Becky

I have appreciated the affirmation of who I am, what I have done thus far in my life, and continue with more enthusiasm and confidence in expressing my strengths and celebrating those strengths. Barb has a kind and empathetic presence and made it comfortable for me to consider this information about my soul from my Akashic Record with her. If you are interested in learning about yourself in these ways, Barb is a great resource and will support you in it.


In my professional work, I “hold space for big stories and feelings.” I work in a prison. The Akashic Record Readings [Spirit Guide Reading, Soul Profile and Soul Realignment Readings] and reflections with Barbara Brodsho have provided profound insights, affirmations and ways of forming intentions that support who I am and what I bring to the world. I have become a more grounded, deep listener, and I am more genuinely present with residents. I have become better able to offer the space for love and healing that all deserve. I identify with being a world-changer, one story at a time.


After having my Akashic records revealed to me, I gained more insight as to why I went through the traumatic events I did. It gave me the ability to let go of viewing myself as a victim in situations I felt I had no control. Along with that, I learned about the "gifts" I was born with that are the motivating factors moving me in the direction of my purpose. I learned that these gifts were meant to be shared with others who will benefit from them. Finally, I learned that the choices I make are indicative to the progress that results from living this life. Progress . . . meaning a direction that leads me into knowing Truth as I understand it. Overall, I gained a lot of insight that I would, otherwise, not have known and, I believe, I have more of an understanding about why I am here.


Barbara, you were amazing, I am SO GLAD I was lead to you, to assist me with reading my Akashic Records and clearing out the nonsense that no longer serves me. I am still amazed at some of the things you discerned and knew! Fantastic, you are the real deal!

Eileen Barrows Patterson

I contacted Barbara in February as I was feeling stuck, ready for a change and wanting something more. I had given up on dating because the same types of experiences unveiled. Relationships, in general, were at arm's length for me. I decided to have Barbara look into my Akashic records. The information was interesting and fitting. It helped me connect the dots. Barbara had a way of pulling off the covers to see what was inside. Since Barbara's work, I have been experiencing subtle shifts with relationships around me. I'm not who I was and different things are happening and it's exciting!! My soul is restored. I always felt like something was missing. Barb was able to get it back for me! Thank you, Barbara. I look forward to continued shifts as I stroll along in my journey of life.

Karen S.

Barb's presence is a rare integration and synthesis of evolved feminine and masculine energies. She creates a ‘temenos’, a sacred space within which authentic connection and deep healing occurs.

Roxanne L. Rutter, PhD

When I contacted Barb, my husband and I were having a lot of marital struggles. We have gone through a lot in the past few years, had twins very soon after we were married, and had been unable to stay connected. We had attended couples counseling but stopped going and were considering divorce. I was intrigued when I heard about the Akashic Records from a friend. I did some research and read testimonials of people who said that getting an Akashic Record Reading had been life changing for them. I wanted to find some peace and discover where my path was headed and if my husband and I had a compatible future. Barb did a Relationship Reading that shared what both my husband and my soul’s gifts are, what the life lessons are that we are here to experience in our relationship, and identified and cleared the energetic blocks and restrictions that exist between us. It’s been two months since the reading and it’s almost been unbelievable what’s happened. Our marriage is better than it’s ever been in 5 years. It’s made a drastic difference. We are showing more compassion towards one another and being kinder to each other. His relationship with our kids has improved and they are bonding better than ever before."


When I started this program, I was seeking satisfaction and contentment in my last stages of life. I was feeling grief, anger, remorse and sadness. This process has helped me to “flush out” the chatter in my head, giving me a better understanding of who I really am and why I behave and feel the way I do (at soul-level and surface-level). I most valued having tools and information to take forward with me in my on-going spiritual journey and path to self-discovery and that you provided a safe, warm, loving environment in doing so. The information obtained in my Akashic Record readings is so relevant and credible and consistent. It has reminded me of who I really am and hope to be. The questions and meditations provided gave me a practical, spiritual approach to self-discovery I can use now and ongoing. I expected knowledge and information. I have been pleasantly surprised by the healing energy I am experiencing. I now feel very positive, optimistic, hopeful and loving to others, as well as feeling more loved and connected.


I was searching for … something. Not sure where or who to go to. I found a class that Barbara teaches called, "Soul Stories" and decided to attend. The class was very interesting, so I booked a complimentary 30-minute phone consultation with Barb to learn more. We talked about what I'm searching for and how to take this journey further. I agreed to engage in a program designed to create a meaningful purpose for my life. Barb has been an immensely caring person to work with on this very personal trip. She has a very sound process in place that has taken her years to accomplish. Barb is a great spiritual coach with a wealth of knowledge she generously shares with others. She has helped me to discover who I am, where I came from, what I came here to learn, and what I came here to heal. This information has been extremely helpful to me as I am in the process of a career transition. I now realize what I need to be doing in my life and how to align my new vocation with my divine talents and my soul's gifts. This program was a gift to myself. I am becoming fully aware of the knowledge I possess and how I work and it is so exciting. I now have the confidence to move ahead and to ask the Universe for what I need. I await the answers!


Barbara's program has given me a ton of information and a lot of different types of information; from, what I'm here to learn, to what my purpose is, to how I am designed, and what my obstacles are. This work has validated things I thought or suspected were true about me, re-framed things I was experiencing that I misunderstood, and offered new insight and understanding that I would have no way of unearthing otherwise. Barbara has also helped to clarify how I can create change and pursue the new intentions I have set for myself based on what I now understand about who I really am. As a result of working with her I feel things shifting around me, I feel different about the possibilities in my life and how to pursue them, and I see myself in a new way.

Christopher Carrick

My Spirit says, “Thank you for who you are Barb.” I have been blessed to have you guide me in learning how my Divine Soul Blueprint contains the key to my soul's divine gifts and qualities. I feel so alive! My SPIRIT has chosen to use the strengths and challenges of my primary gift of Divine Love & Healing in a ministry at my church.


Before I started working with Barb, I was facing many changes that were exciting, and somewhat frightening. Though these were changes I sought to make, it was still uncomfortable and felt very risky. My intuition was telling me it was the right decision, but I felt strongly that I wanted to work with someone who could help me tap into my gifts with more certainty. Having Barb access my Akashic Records, along with her insightful coaching, helped me to feel more confident in my decisions. The information she provided was eye-opening and confirming, and allowed me to take even bigger risks in my personal and professional life. Now a year later, I am appreciating the results of the work we did together. It is expansive and aligned with my vision and values - and I look forward to where it is taking me. If you are ready to move forward in a life the "fits" you, I highly recommend you seek the services that Barb has to offer!

Candi Broeffle

I thank you for all the information and resources you have given me. This has truly been life changing in ways I wouldn't have imagined. And it was a path that I didn't know existed. I am truly grateful for all your guidance and help.


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