Are you here because you don't want to settle for an unfulfilled life?

Do you feel increasingly dissatisfied with your life, but you can’t figure out why or how to change things?

Are you no longer satisfied with the messages you’ve believed from external spiritual sources because you’re beginning to trust your own inner voice and ask the question, “What is my own spiritual truth?”

Are you confused about how and why you are attracting certain experiences into your life and want to find out what your soul desires to learn from it?

I understand how you feel because I've also been in this place of questioning.

Since 2003, my spiritual journey has led me to complete advanced degrees and training in theology, spirituality, holistic healing and soul-level healing. I’ve searched for answers to questions similar to yours and found answers that provided a new perspective that resonates deeply within me. If you’re seeking the same, I’d love to share what I’ve learned with you. Take what resonates with you and leave what doesn’t.

What others are saying

When I started this program to Create a Meaningful Purpose for your Life, I was seeking satisfaction and contentment in my last stages of life. I was feeling grief, anger, remorse and sadness. This process has helped me to “flush out” the chatter in my head, giving me a better understanding of who I really am and why I behave and feel the way I do (at soul-level and surface-level). I most valued having tools and information to take forward with me in my on-going spiritual journey and path to self-discovery and that you provided a safe, warm, loving environment in doing so. The information obtained in my Akashic Record readings is so relevant and credible and consistent. It has reminded me of who I really am and hope to be. The questions and meditations provided gave me a practical, spiritual approach to self-discovery I can use now and ongoing. I expected knowledge and information. I have been pleasantly surprised by the healing energy I am experiencing. I now feel very positive, optimistic, hopeful and loving to others, as well as feeling more loved and connected.


I was searching for … something. Not sure where or who to go to. I found a class that Barbara teaches called, "Soul Stories" and decided to attend. The class was very interesting, so I booked a complimentary 30-minute phone consultation with Barb to learn more. We talked about what I'm searching for and how to take this journey further. I agreed to engage in a program designed to create a meaningful purpose for my life. Barb has been an immensely caring person to work with on this very personal trip. She has a very sound process in place that has taken her years to accomplish. Barb is a great spiritual coach with a wealth of knowledge she generously shares with others. She has helped me to discover who I am, where I came from, what I came here to learn, and what I came here to heal. This information has been extremely helpful to me as I am in the process of a career transition. I now realize what I need to be doing in my life and how to align my new vocation with my divine talents and my soul's gifts. This program was a gift to myself. I am becoming fully aware of the knowledge I possess and how I work and it is so exciting. I now have the confidence to move ahead and to ask the Universe for what I need. I await the answers!


I invite you to engage in a comprehensive, holistic, soul-based approach that provides a step-by-step proccess to help you consciously create a passionate, purpose-filled life.

You can fulfill your life’s purpose by tapping into the wisdom of your soul.

Discover and express your soul's innate gifts

View life from your soul's perspective

Heal your body, mind, soul and spirit

Engage your spiritual support to manifest your soul's desires

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