what's inhibiting you from expressing your gifts ?

Or holding you back from experiencing the positive qualities of life ?

We can free your spirit so that you can live your soul’s purpose.

When you have goals and dreams that you want to fulfill in this lifetime, it can be frustrating when you can’t figure out what could be blocking you. Together we can address your specific challenges on multiple levels. I specialize in 4 empowering holistic healing modalities that include helping you identify the blockages and clearing them physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually; as well as at the soul-level. The programs I offer use a combination of  these modalities to help you shift and see lasting changes.

Tap into the wisdom of your soul through your Akashic Record to discover events, choices and circumstances from your past or present life that may be negatively impacting you today. Then release emotional blockages, shift limiting beliefs and raise your level of consciousness through a holistic approach to healing. As a result, your spirit will be freed.  Use Spiritual Empowerment Coaching to consciously align your choices with your soul’s design to create the outcomes you desire for your life.


Get to the root of what keeps you stuck in frustrating patterns and finally clear them out utilizing


Experience more love, freedom, joy and peace when you address your issues through holistic methods that seek to

Gain clarity and insight to better understand your life experiences when you


Empower yourself to align your choices with your soul’s design to create greater abundance in your life with

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