Is meaningless work sucking the life out of your soul?

Are you longing for something more but not sure what it is?

You can discover and express your soul’s innate gifts and then confidently and courageously share them with the world.

When you would like your life and vocation to be an expression of your soul’s purpose, it can be disheartening when you can’t make that happen. Do any of these describe you?

    • You’re unfulfilled in your current vocation or seeking guidance and direction for a career that’s meaningful and fulfilling.
    • You feel like you’re being drawn to a higher calling but lack self-confidence because you’re unsure of your gifts.
    • You’re questioning whether you’re on the right path personally or professionally and want to be sure you’re moving in the right direction.
    • You’re wondering, “What do I do next?” especially as you consider re-entering the workforce or preparing for retirement.
    • You’re ambivalent about how to express your gifts and talents in your own unique way that you’re passionate about.
    • You feel pulled in many different directions because you have a variety of interests and don’t know where to focus your time and energy.

Your soul’s Akashic Record can provide you with information about your natural, innate gifts and guidance on how to proceed.

Schedule a Divine Soul Blueprint Consultation

Here’s how it can help

 Your soul contains a blueprint of your innate gifts. In this individual session you’ll receive:

  • Your unique blueprint of your soul’s innate gifts of which you’re naturally abundant
  • The strengths and challenges of your gifts
  • How to apply these gifts to a vocation or to your retirement
  • An assessment of whether there are any negative patterns that are preventing you from accessing and expressing your gifts

What this means for you

You’ll receive validation of your gifts which will give you the courage and confidence to move forward. You’ll know where to invest your time and energy.

The more you align your choices and actions to how your soul is designed, the more you’ll tap into the abundance of your gifts and experience greater abundance in many areas of your life.

Your Investment: $349

Here’s what you can expect

  • You’ll schedule your first session and pay for the service or program through the link below.
  • You’ll give me your written permission to access your soul’s Akashic Record.
  • I’ll provide you with applicable electronic documents with your personalized information on it in advance of your session(s).
  • We’ll meet via zoom conference call during your scheduled time, and I’ll record the session with your permission.
  • During the session(s), we’ll process what you discovered about yourself in your personalized documents and/or review resources provided.
  • After the session, I’ll provide you with an audio and/or video recording of the session(s) for your future reference.

How Marcia Found the Courage to Pursue Her True Purpose

Marcia was discontent after working in the health-care field for 30+ years because she was convinced that a holistic model of healing would be more effective for her patients. After she completed a 3-year certificate in energy healing she was excited to incorporate all that she had learned into her vocation. She questioned how to do this and felt disempowered to create a change.

I provided her insight from her soul’s perspective that one of her innate gifts is to express her own unique views through speaking opportunities. We discovered that there were events that occurred in her past that were impeding her ability to express this gift and we cleared them.

As a result, Marcia gained greater courage and confidence to claim her gift of speaking. She is attracting more and more opportunities that align with this gift by leading workshops and retreats on the topic of holistic healing. This has given her the opportunity to integrate all that she has learned into her vocation and she is experiencing greater joy and fulfillment than ever before.

I knew there was more to my life's purpose, but I wasn't sure how to get my arms around it. Any action steps that I had taken in the past left me wondering if I was on the right track, I didn't feel empowered to truly create change, and I continued to have this longing inside of me. The direction and guidance that I received through the Divine Soul Blueprint and the Soul Realignment Consultations was so revealing and enlightening. Barb helped me to understand my soul’s divine gifts and also those things in shadow that can be counter-productive. It was incredible how the soul profile rang true with me."

--Marcia Danzinger, Wisconsin

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