For prospective or current entrepreneurs

Are you a current or prospective business owner who would like your business to be an expression of your soul’s passion and purpose?

It’s all about bringing your self, your life, and your business into vibrational alignment with what you intend to create and manifest for your life and those you serve.

The first step is to clearly define the intentions you want to create for your business:

  • What are the outcomes and benefits you want your clients to achieve that will serve their highest path and purpose?
  • What are the financial intentions you’ve set for your business?
  • What personal benefits do you want to experience through your business?

We can utilize your soul’s Akashic Record and your spiritual support team to guide you into vibrational alignment with your intentions.

Your soul’s Akashic Record can reveal to you where you may be out of alignment with the intentions you’ve created. These misalignments may be related to your business or they may be coming from other areas of your life that seem totally unrelated.

We can identify how closely aligned these business components are to your intentions and if the energy is blocked in any of these areas:

  • the products or services you’re offering
  • whether they need to be further aligned with your soul’s divine gifts or embodied experience
  • the processes and systems you’re utilizing
  • the decision-makers who are contributing to your business by influencing the choices you make
  • the clients you’re serving
  • if your business authentically aligns with your Divine self-expression

Since we are holistic beings, what we do in one area of our life affects all areas. Therefore, we can identify if there are misalignments that you’ve created in other areas of your life that are negatively influencing the energy flow of your business. For example, it may be a misalignment in a relationship, your physical surroundings, or your health and well-being.

Once we identify where the energetic blockages exist and bring them to your conscious awareness, we can clear them. This will open the door for you to make choices that do align with your soul’s design. When you do, your energy will be free to flow more abundantly through your business. We can then utilize other tools and techniques and your spiritual support team to identify the actions you can take to bring these areas into vibrational alignment with your intentions so that you can manifest the outcomes you desire.

The Akashic Record Readings really felt to me like a re-introduction to myself. Over the course of working with Barb, I found clarity about the direction I wanted my life to take. I experienced a deep sense of happiness that I hadn't felt since I was a small child, as I allowed myself to do what my heart called me to. My self-doubt has significantly shifted, and I have become less fearful of the outcome of my choices. I believe my work with Barb has, for me, contributed to a greater sense of success and life contentment. Her work helped to further grant myself conscious permission to put aside my resistance and to allow myself to embrace my true nature."

--Jane Thiegs

I'd always wondered if I was on my true path as a person and as a small business owner. Getting a Soul Profile and Manifesting Blueprint reading with Barb was hugely validating! I feel even more empowered to move forward knowing that I am on track with fulfilling my soul's purpose. After getting a Soul Realignment reading and clearing, I noticed immediate shifts in the way I thought about and responded to stressful things in my life. I feel like a weight I'd carried for eons was lifted. Life feels significantly easier and more joyful. A new chapter is unfolding, and I couldn't be more excited."

--Kristina Fortune

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