it can feel like you're climbing Mount Everest

       Allow me to serve as your Spiritual Sherpa to lead you                    through this mystical wilderness of unexplored,            life-enhancing territory.

I’m a highly skilled and experienced professional who helps you navigate through this journey with ease, greater perspective and nonjudgmental support.

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I’m Barbara Brodsho, your soul purpose coach, holistic healer,  and intuitive guide.

I was 16 when I began questioning the meaning of life and since then I’ve been seeking the answers to questions like:

• Why am I here?
• Where did I come from?
• What is my purpose here on earth?
• Where do we go after we die?
• If God created our souls as eternal, why would we be given only one life to live as taught in mainstream Christianity?

My life’s journey has been seeking out the answers to those questions and more painful questions such as:

• Why did God abandon me when I needed God most?
• Why does God allow pain and suffering if God is in complete control over everything?
• How do I make sense of all of these messages I’ve received throughout my life – from the Christian tradition, our culture, the media, from friends and family, etc.?
• What is it that I personally believe regardless of what I’ve been taught?

These questions, along with my own personal pain and suffering, are what propelled my soul forward on its own incredible journey of healing, enlightenment and transformation.

After experiencing my own profound healing, I felt called to better understand how the Spirit works to heal our broken hearts. I knew I wanted to facilitate healing within others. And so in 2003, I began my journey into studying Christian Theology, Spirituality, and Holistic Healing of Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit.

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My Credentials

Master’s degree in Theology

St. Catherine University

Certificate in Spiritual Direction

St. Catherine University

Bachelor’s Degree in Business

St. Cloud State University

Certificate in Soul-Realignment®

Advanced training in soul-level healing using the Akashic Records

Akashic Record Consultant

(Courses completed, Certification in process)
Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom

3-Year Mastery Certificate in Energy Medicine

Rukha® Academy of Healing Arts & Science

Coursework completion of Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry & Clinical Aromatherapy

Institute of Spiritual Healing & Aromatherapy (ISHA)

I am here to support you on this adventure of a lifetime to living a passionate, purpose-filled life by guiding you through the mountains and valleys of your journey.

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