My Search for Answers

After that powerful experience with the Holy Spirit clearing and healing blockages I didn’t know I had, I began the quest to understand what had happened to me.

I had a thirst and a hunger to understand how the Holy Spirit works. How does it heal people? How can I be a vessel for the Spirit to work through me to facilitate healing, enlightenment and transformation in other people’s lives?

My search for answers led me to distinct yet connected areas of study (that I now use to help clients navigate through their own spiritual journeys).

1st Step: Studying Christian Theology 

With my Christian background, I was first drawn to explore what the theologians were teaching.

Through my Master of Arts degree in Theology from St. Catherine University, I did not expect that my belief system would be turned upside down. I expected to be given the answers but was pleased to find that it was a safe place to question everything I had been taught. I was encouraged to think for myself. Read more about Spiritual Crises.

Through my certification to become a Spiritual Director, I learned the practice of deeply listening with people as they explore their relationship with the Divine. They discern how the Holy Spirit is leading and directing them toward a way of life that fosters an inner sense of well-being.

But throughout these four years, I didn’t find sufficient answers to my question, “What transpired during my healing experience?”

2nd Step: Exploring Holistic Healing Modalities 

Then I heard about a program called Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry through the Institute of Healing and Aromatherapy. I sensed that I would find answers there related to how the Spirit works to heal, so I completed all of the coursework.

The program was a great introduction to how hands-on healing, aromatherapy and prayer work together to release energetic blockages and how these modalities are based in the Christian tradition. We learned techniques to clear blockages energetically so that more vital force energy can flow through our bodies.

But the more I learned, the more questions I had. “How do we create these energetic blockages?” I was then led to learn yet another powerful healing technique.

3rd Step: Understanding the Effects of our Psyches 

I discovered the Rukha® Academy of Healing Arts and Science which taught how to get to the root cause of disharmony.

I learned that everything is made up of energy and has a vibrational frequency, including our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, behavioral patterns and perceptions. Those that vibrate at a lower frequency block vital force energy from flowing freely through us. They reside in our aura and are imprinted in time and space.

Learning this showed me that I had created energetic blockages within myself based on my own beliefs and emotions.

We were required as healers to do our own inner work first to become clearer channels for the Rukha d’Koodsha, the Holy Spirit, to flow through us to facilitate healing in others. This personal growth and development is crucial because we can only take others as deep as we are willing to go ourselves. Read more about the Rukha Method™ of Healing.

At this point, after my own spontaneous healing, spiritual awakening, educational studies and certifications, I was now equipped to be a vessel for the Holy Spirit to flow through me to facilitate healing within others as a certified energy healer.

But there was one more piece missing.

4th Step: Pondering Reincarnation and Past Lives 

What happens if the root cause of our disharmony can’t seem to be traced back to anything that occurred in this lifetime? I began to explore the concept of reincarnation and how past lives affect our ability to heal.

I discovered the Akashic Records  and earned a Certificate in Soul-Realignment® so I could facilitate healing at the soul-level, which is where past-life traumas reside. Read about Healing Past Life Issues.

My journey has definitely been long and winding, but I found the answers I was seeking.

Now I can help you find your own answers faster and more easily. 

Are you curious about your energy system’s state of health? Do you wonder if you have blockages that restrict the abundant flow of vital force energy from Divine Source to you?

I will help you become consciously aware of how you are creating blockages and then release them so you can experience a greater sense of peace and joy in your life.

Schedule a healing session with me today that will identify and clear the blocks and restrictions on a soul-level that are keeping you stuck.

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