Meditation on connecting with your soul’s longings

Meditation on Connecting with Your Soul’s Longings

Unity of the Valley – 3/29/20

I invite you to relax in your chair, placing your feet on the floor, and your hands open in your lap. And allow the chair to support you. Take a few deep breaths.

I call upon our spirit guides to be present with us during this meditation. Envision these spiritual beings surrounding you right now. Allow your senses—your eyes to see, your ears to hear and your body to feel their presence joining us here now.

They have come here to work together in communion with us, to bring peace and healing to this planet. Open your heart and your mind to receive spiritual guidance, inspiration and healing from them.

Now visualize a pillar of light representing the Christ-light coming down from the heavens above through the top of your head, through your body, down through your feet to the core of the earth. Allow the light to come through you, to ground and center you, and to anchor you in the safety and security of God’s love.

Now place your attention and your hands between your throat and your heart. This is the place in which we contain a light that holds the vibration of all of our soul’s longings for what we want to accomplish in this lifetime. Within it we can find everything we long to be, do, or become from the smallest thing or moment in our life, to the grandest scale of life itself. This longing leads us through our life. This is referred to as our Soul Seat.

Just allow yourself to connect with your soul seat for a few moments and to allow your longings to emerge.

As individual points of light, we express our gifts and allow our contribution that is uniquely ours to shine. It fits who we are: our passions, special interests, life experiences, what we’ve come here to heal, our life lessons, and our soul’s innate gifts. It is not a fixed assignment that could be passed on to someone else in case we did not want it. It has too much of our energy mark on it for that.

Your soul has its own specific gifts to give to this world, in accordance with its interests, capability and energy. What attracts people to you is not only how you express your gifts, but also the energy of your soul.

Ask your Higher Self, your spirit guide team, and God or Divine Source to provide clarity to you on how to share your self and your gifts with others in a way that is unique to you and that will be meaningful and fulfilling to you.

As you move forward, allow your soul’s longings to come forth. What is it that your soul wants to accomplish in this lifetime? What is it that your soul longs to be, do or become?

Feel the love surrounding you. Feel the light that you are. Feel the light above you and below you. Feel the light all around you, and the light of those who have gone before you. Feel the light in every cell of your body.

May this light draw to you what your soul needs to nurture and sustain you at this moment.  May this light illuminate your path as you venture forward. May you radiate this light in all its magnificence.

I pray that others may recognize the Light of compassion in your eyes, the light of kindness from your heart, and the light of love through the works of your hands.

Be meticulously honest with yourself, to love and honor yourself, to follow and obey the divine wisdom that is inside of you, above you, below you, and all around you.

Be who you are. That is all that you ever volunteered for. Be who you are, that is all that was ever required. Be who you are, that is all that was ever needed. Be who you are.

Now gently bring your attention back to this time and place. Take a few deep breaths and open your eyes when you are ready.

And so it is. Namaste.



 My soul has its own specific gifts to give to this world, in accordance with my interests, capabilities and energy. What attracts people to me is not only how I express my gifts, but also the energy of my soul. I connect with my soul’s longings for what I want to accomplish in this lifetime. Within it I can find everything I long to be, do, or become.



May this time in history be a catalyst for transformation into heart-centered living.

I affirm that we are all called to be lightworkers whose mission is to help bring a new awareness to Earth.

May we pause and reflect upon what’s most important to us. What’s missing in our lives? What is it that we long for but have not yet manifested in our lives?

May the events and circumstances right now in history lead humanity to let go of fear-based ways of thinking and living.

May we release the emotions and thoughts that are tied to our ego and allow them to die.

May we become our new selves motivated by love and freedom so that we can help others make the transition.

May we all experience a greater acknowledgement that we are all ONE.

And so it is.

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