Live Our Purpose and Thrive!

Why are we here?

I’ve often wondered why our souls choose to inhabit a physical body and experience life here on planet Earth. There are probably as many answers to this question as there are people.

I’ve come to believe that our souls, along with the assistance of the spiritual realm, create our intentions for what we want to accomplish in this lifetime prior to our birth. Our Creator has designed us to carry our soul’s longings and intentions energetically in our bodies, along with the power to manifest them. These longings lead us through our lives.

It’s a way for our soul’s come to know ourselves better

One definition of purpose that’s been helpful for me is “for our souls to come to know ourselves better.” One way we can do that is to experience many different types of life events and circumstances. When we experience both their positive and negative aspects, we have an opportunity to feel a broad range of emotions and to become consciously aware of the thoughts and beliefs we’ve formed as a result of these life experiences. As a result, we’ll hopefully develop the qualities our soul has chosen for this lifetime such as compassion, understanding, tolerance, or forgiveness.

Even our deepest pain can serve as a way to get to know ourselves better

From this perspective, even our deepest pain can be utilized to fulfill the purpose of getting to know ourselves better. Our life’s challenges, wounds, and illnesses can help us to develop our soul’s chosen qualities. As we heal this pain in ourselves, we develop the qualities our souls need to help facilitate the process of healing in others. It’s our soul’s innate gifts that have helped us to heal and transform ourselves.

But how do we discover our soul’s innate gifts? There is an energetic recording of how each of our souls were created from the moment of inception that contains this information. We access it through our Akashic Record. It also contains the life lessons or qualities that our souls want to experiment with in this lifetime, what our long-term vision is for our lives, and how we’re designed to manifest the outcomes we desire. If there are thoughts or emotions that are inhibiting us, we can identify and then release the negative energy so that we can accomplish what we’ve set out to do. The more spiritually awakened we become, the more we can make conscious choices to bring ourselves into greater alignment with our divine nature.

We can use our soul’s innate gifts to heal our deepest pain

This holistic, comprehensive, soul-based approach has provided me with the ability to make informed decisions about how to move forward with my life. I now have the tools and resources to create a vision for what I want to accomplish in my life based on my soul’s longings and intentions. I’ve come to know my divine nature. I’ve utilized my innate gifts to heal my deepest pain, and in turn, to help heal the world in my own unique way. Using this same approach, I’m empowered to make a positive impact in the lives of others so that they too, can live their purpose and thrive.

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