Light Workers in Unexpected Places

Presentation by Barbara Brodsho on 3/29/20

At the Unity of the Valley Spiritual Center Virtual Worship Service


Greetings and thank you for inviting me to share a message today about “Lightworkers in the most unexpected places.”

We are living in unprecedented times when life as we’ve known it will probably change our lives forever due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There are positive things that are happening as a result of it. People are exhibiting compassion and concern for others and sharing a greater generosity of spirit as we come together to face a shared external threat.

And it has also reshaped our society and our lifestyles . . . how we travel, work, educate, and relate to others. It feels unfamiliar and the uncertainty of how long this is all going to last is unsettling. It can feel like the foundation that we’ve built our lives upon is crumbling beneath our feet.

Believe it or not, this feeling of unsettledness or dissatisfaction with the way things are in our world right now can actually be a good thing. Being quarantined and more isolated can give us the opportunity to pause or slow down the hectic pace of our lives and reflect upon what’s most important to us. It can provide us with the time and space for deeper introspection to assess what’s missing in our lives. What is it we’ve longed for but have not yet manifested in our lives?

This longing for something more in life can serve as a catalyst to experience a spiritual awakening. This is a process in which we die to our old self and give birth to a new self. It is a process of moving from an ego-based consciousness to a heart-based consciousness. I will share the phases of a spiritual awakening so that you might recognize the signs along the way.

One resource that I’ve found that explains the spiritual awakening process well that resonates with me is “The Jeshua Channelings: Christ Consciousness in a New Era” written by Pamela Kribbe. The book is comprised of a series of spiritual messages Pamela has received from Jeshua, which is the Aramaic name for Jesus.

They are messages about the transformation of consciousness in our present age. Jeshua shares that through this process of humanity moving from an ego-based consciousness towards a heart-based consciousness, that there will be a greater acknowledgment of the oneness of all that lives and there will be a letting go of fear-based ways of thinking and living.

Jeshua says that “lightworkers are at the forefront of a wave of heart-based consciousness that engulfs the Earth right now. They are pioneers of consciousness and their soul’s mission is to help bring a new awareness to Earth. His messages through Pamela, are meant to make lightworker souls become aware of who they are, and to give them tools to heal their inner wounds.”

In my message today, I’ll also share who lightworkers are, more about their role, and a couple of tools that are available to heal our wounds.

And finally, I’ll share with you an experience that I’ve had of someone who I believe is a lightworker in a most unexpected place.” I’ll share two tools that helped him to heal his wounds so that he is now a clearer channel to spread love and light to those in his environment as his soul’s mission.

The spiritual awakening process described in the “Jeshua Channelings: Christ Consciousness in a New Era” and also on the website, “” describes 4 stages that I’ll share with you now.

  1. Stage one is “Being unsatisfied by what ego-based consciousness has to offer you, and longing for “something else.”
  2. Stage two is “Becoming aware of our ties to ego-based consciousness and recognizing and releasing the emotions and thoughts that go with it.”
  3. Stage 3 is “Letting the old ego-based energies inside you die, throwing off the cocoon, becoming your new self.”
  4. Stage 4 is “The awakening of a heart-based consciousness within you, motivated by love and freedom; and then helping others making the transition.

Keep in mind that every soul’s spiritual path is unique and individual. So this process of four different stages, is simply a way of highlighting some of the turning points in the process. It is not a straight linear pathway. You may take steps forward, then take a detour, then fall back  . . .  all the while moving through this process.

Stage one:

The events and circumstances that we’re living in right now can trigger the first stage of this spiritual awakening process as I explained above. In this phase we realize that we “long for something more or we realize that we’re unsatisfied by what ego-based consciousness has to offer.”

What is Ego-based consciousness? It’s when we live in the grip of fear. Our thoughts and actions are based on fear and we ruthlessly pursue a desire for power, recognition and control. We look for outside validation because we fear rejection and loneliness. We look outside of ourselves for affirmation, for love and acceptance, for guidance. It can be the underlying motive for many of our actions. In the ego stage, we experience lack. We feel separate from others and from God or Divine Source.

Pay attention to this longing for something more and this dissatisfaction you may be experiencing. It is our souls calling out to us. They are beckoning us to turn inward instead of outward. They are beckoning us to walk through the fear to the light on the other side.

Having time away from the usual hectic pace of life during this time of quarantine can offer us the space to experience that “inner void.” It can help us realize that something is out of balance or missing in our lives. Things that used to consume our lives now may leave us feeling empty and uninspired. They may lose their usual meaning and purpose.

Take time for personal introspection. Take this opportunity to examine the messages you’ve received from external sources, i.e. society, the media, religion, family or others who are deemed the “experts.” Then discern whether or not to buy into those thoughts, and beliefs and ways of being. Reconcile them with your own inner spiritual truth and wisdom. Discern whether they are empowering you or disempowering you. Are they supporting you in creating a life you feel passionate about or not?

Stage Two:

Stage two of the spiritual awakening process is to “Become aware of your ties to your ego and recognize and release the emotions and thoughts that go with it.” Once the soul experiences the emptiness and doubt that is characteristic in phase one, it’s now possible to experience the feelings and emotions that were hidden inside of us in the shadows before.

The ego has created psychological wounds. In this stage, the most important step in the transition from ego to heart is to be willing to understand our inner pain: accept it, understand its origins and allow it to be. This is the stage of observing, understanding and healing our inner wounds.

In letting go of ego-based consciousness, the soul is letting go of the need for power and control. We develop a whole new way of looking at things. We let go of the need to judge ourselves and others.

I invite you to look at your inner hurt and fear with understanding, acceptance and compassion instead of judgment. Seek to understand your choices and actions based on the needs you have tried to fill. As Jeshua says, “If you open up to the reality of love, you let go of judgment. You accept who you are in this moment and you realize that you are, who you are because of a multitude of reasons, which you can now investigate and explore.”

In this stage, you heal your inner wounds with a consciousness that is more loving and wise than you ever had before. When you do this, you’re able to let go of the traumatic parts of your past.

Stage Three:

Stage three of the spiritual awakening process is “letting the old ego-based energies inside you die, throwing off the cocoon, and becoming your new self.” In this phase, we become more of an observer. Our hearts are more open, exploring and ready to examine and forgive.

As we accept our inner wounds and heal traumatized parts of ourselves, our energy shifts. We cannot create a more loving reality from self-hate. We do it by interacting with reality from our hearts. We let reality be. We don’t try to change it, but simply take note of what is. This is the process of letting go of our old selves.

This is when synchronicities occur – remarkable coincidences happen, and things seem effortless. But this transition from ego to heart requires a tremendous “slowing down.” What better time than now when we’re forced to slow down, than for us to listen to the voice of our souls. Our souls speak to us in moments of silence. Take this time to experience more silence.

When you feel despair, release your expectations and be receptive to what is. As hard as it may be, I invite you to release control. Develop your ability to listen to your own inner wisdom and knowing through your intuition, listen to your heart, and then act.

Stage Four:

Stage four of the spiritual awakening process is” the awakening of a heart-based consciousness within you, motivated by love and freedom; helping others making the transition.”

This is the stage of finding a place of peace and quiet within you and opening yourself to Spirit. You connect with your divine nature, with the God inside you, instead of depending upon external sources.

This process of moving from ego-based consciousness to heart-centered living is in many ways a death experience. You surrender yourself to the dying process of your ego. . . dying to outdated thought patterns and limited beliefs, painful emotions, and ineffective ways of reacting to life. This death liberates you.

You become more in touch with the divine flow of Spirit inside you. You’re putting out a different type of energy than you were before and you’re attracting different people, events and circumstances to you. You are helping others just by being in their presence, being who you are, and by expressing your authentic self.

These are the 4 stages of the spiritual awakening process from ego to heart-based living. Lightworkers are at the forefront of this process that is engulfing the Earth right now according to Jeshua.

Who are lightworkers?

They are pioneers of consciousness and their soul’s mission is to help bring a new awareness to Earth. Jeshua defines Lightworkers as “souls who carry the strong inner desire to spread light on Earth in the form of knowledge, freedom, and self-love. They sense this as their mission.”

Jeshua points out that to be a lightworker is not to have a special status or be superior in any way because every soul becomes a lightworker at some point, so it is not about a fixed group of souls.

These souls are on the verge of a deep inner awakening, which will make them become teachers for Earth in the most humble sense of the word. However, because of the dense energies here on Earth that they encounter in human society, many of them feel lost, doubt themselves, don’t feel like they fit in with society, they feel lonely, and even desperate.

They are often attracted to spirituality and to therapeutic work of some kind. Because of their deeply felt mission, lightworkers often feel different from other people. He says, “Lightworkers are nearly always solitary individuals, not fitting into fixed societal structures. By experiencing different kinds of obstacles on their way, life provokes them to find their own unique path.”

Brent’s story:

I’d like to share a story about a lightworker in an unexpected place named Brent and share his unique path. Brent is an inmate at a correctional facility and has been for many years. He’s been a spiritual seeker for his whole life and has investigated a number of different ways of thinking and believing and spiritual practices. He’s been dissatisfied with his life and has longed for “something else.”

Like others, he’s struggled with anxiety, shame, depression and sadness. As a spiritual seeker, he requested a meeting with me coordinated by the Chaplain, to understand himself and his life better from his soul’s perspective.

It is my mission to help people navigate their spiritual journeys from their soul’s perspective and I volunteer to meet with a couple of inmates at this facility once a month for this purpose. The work that I do is in alignment with Jeshua’s messages. It’s meant to make lightworker souls become aware of who they are and to give them tools to heal their inner wounds.

One of the tools that I use for this purpose is called the Akashic Records. They are an energetic recording of everything that’s transpired with our souls from the moment they were created throughout all of our lifetimes. They’ve been referred to as the “Book of Life.”

  • Our soul’s Akashic Record holds our blueprints of how our souls are created, what our innate gifts are, as well as a blueprint of how we are designed to manifest the outcomes we want for our lives.
  • It contains a diary of all of the events and circumstances we’ve experienced, as well as the choices that we’ve made and the consequences of those choices.
  • It is an energetic database that stores our every thought, emotion, word, and intention and every potential and possibility for our future.

The information that people receive from their soul’s Akashic Record serves as a catalyst for transformation. It is a wonderful spiritual tool that provides us with guidance and direction from our own souls throughout this process of moving from an ego-based consciousness to a heart-based consciousness. It provides us with the ability to get to the root cause of our inner pain, understand its origins, accept it and then heal our inner wounds on a deeper level. It can help us see ourselves and our lives more clearly and from a new, more empowering perspective.

I accessed Brent’s soul’s Akashic Record with his permission from my home prior to meeting with him.  I typed up a report and met with him to share what his innate gifts are that I obtained from his soul’s blueprint. Some of the things he learned about himself was that he is very intuitive, energetically sensitive and can manifest things very quickly and powerfully when his choices are aligned with his gifts and intentions.

He has an innate ability to understand how things work together in the context of a system. He has a natural gift of being a listening presence to others and of helping them process their experiences.

This was very affirming for Brent because he shared that he’s been aware of his gifts for most of his life but has only really engaged them in the last 12 years. He has suppressed his gifts for most of his life because some looked upon them as evil and he also experienced them so intensely when he was young, that it scared him. He felt that suppressing his gifts has been an important factor in the problems he experienced as well as the emotional turmoil.

I also shared with him what the issues are that are preventing him from being able to fully access his gifts. There were things that transpired not only in this lifetime as just described, but they also stemmed from events and circumstances that occurred in past lives. We then cleared the negative effects of those issues using a specific process and a deeper level of inner healing began.

He shared that learning all of this about himself from his soul’s perspective provided him with a clarity and a deeper understanding of his current life lessons and situations. He was amazed at how accurate the information was and how deeply it resonated with him. Shortly thereafter, some of the weight of the emotions he felt began to lift and he felt spiritually lighter. And he was able to get more in touch with his gifts that he’d suppressed for so long.

Brent expressed an interest right away in learning more about the spiritual beings who are dedicated to support and assist him in this lifetime. He requested that I access his soul’s Akashic Record to share information about them with him, as well as any messages they had for him.

This is another tool that I use to help people move through this process. I connect them with their spirit guide team so that they can develop a more personal relationship with them. They are here to offer us wisdom and insight, assist us with our spiritual development, and help us to accomplish what we came here to do.

So, I again accessed his soul’s Akashic Record from my home to obtain this information prior to meeting with him.  I had a unique experience in which I channeled a conversation between Brent’s soul and his spirit guides. And almost immediately, I sensed that there was some sort of a healing taking place and that they were releasing a heavy energy of sadness from his soul.

I was prepared to share all that I had experienced when I was to meet with Brent the next day in person at the facility. But within moments of that experience I received notice that all visits to the facility would be cancelled due to the quarantine.

The Chaplain made arrangements for me to speak with Brent over the phone the following day. When the time came, I felt a strong intuitive sense that no words needed to be exchanged between Brent and I but instead his spirit guide team wanted to gift him with a healing session using me as their intermediary. I shared this with Brent when I did talk with him on the phone then and he was open and eager to receive the healing.

I went to the healing table in my home that I use as an energy healer. Brent proceeded to lie on the cold, concrete floor in the Chaplain’s office at the facility with his jacket for a pillow. The Chaplain provided support by being a healing presence to him there. I asked our spirit guide teams to do the work that was for Brent’s highest good through me at my healing table at home to him in the Chaplain’s office in the correctional facility. What transpired next was profound in Brent’s words.

He shared later, “The relief and unbelievable weight that has been lifted from me is beyond any words that I know that could explain how I feel. I learned through this experience that I carried with me from many past lifetimes and this lifetime, the greatest burden of sadness, guilt and shame which in turn caused an energetic block of such a powerful negative influence that it became a part of my very existence. So much so, that I was not fully aware of how this affected my life.

He went on to explain that he “felt the presence of his spiritual guides and the Chaplain and I working with powerful love and energy to not only remove this block, and this pain and great sadness, but to further repair and restore his system to a very high functioning state of spiritual, mental and even physical health.

He felt a very powerful restoration in both of his hands. He also had a vision of an experience that he had in a past life from which this sadness originated. He now knew what the source of this great sadness and guilt was that he now needed to feel and let go. And so he let it go even though it was difficult. It was at this point that he experienced the most intense and powerful love he’s ever felt completely envelope him. He describes it as the sealing touch of the most Beloved Divine. This sealed and completed the work.

He wrote a letter afterwards exclaiming, “I am whole. I’m restored! I am just the conduit. I now embrace my gifts and pledge to allow them to work in my life and the lives of others. Yes, I am psychic, empathic and have the healing gifts. Yes, I am a medium. Yes I am. I’m not evil, not “possessed,” and most certainly not unworthy of this Divine work and calling. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

I share Brent’s story with you as an example of someone who I believe is a lightworker in a most unexpected place. He’s doing this difficult inner work in the context of a correctional facility.

He is experiencing the fruits of his labor that started long before I met him. He sought to understand himself better from a higher perspective. He was willing to take steps to look honestly at himself and his life. He opened up to receive Spirit who helped him to release and heal his inner wounds.

It is no coincidence that this happened in the way it did, where it did, and at the time it did. The Chaplain attests that this is highly unusual that it would happen this way. There are too many synchronicities that needed to line up. It could not have happened in that space without the quarantine that day when everything shut down. It was the perfect circumstances for this to occur. This is a testament to how powerful the spiritual realm and our souls are when we work together through this spiritual awakening process.

What a blessing Brent will be as a lightworker sharing his gifts with others who are moving through this spiritual awakening process within the prison environment in which he lives. How affirming it is to experience first-hand the powerful healing work of Spirit from a distance. It is an acknowledgement that we are all ONE – united in consciousnesses.

Distance from one another can’t stop the healing work that we can do together and with the spiritual realm. May we each seek to step with courage into this journey from ego-based consciousness to heart-centered living in which we let go of fear-based ways of thinking and living.

Let us have the courage to do this so that we can all be vessels for facilitating the healing, enlightenment and transformation of others on this journey. May we have the courage to do this so that we can be the change that we want to see in the world during this unprecedented time.

And so it is.  Namaste.

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