Life From My Soul’s Perspective

Life is painful. Pure and simple. People fail to meet our expectations. Reality often doesn’t measure up to the visions we’ve created for our relationships or life experiences. This dissonance creates disappointment.

These disappointments can cause us to question the purpose and meaning of life.

But questioning can actually serve us. It provides an opportunity to examine the messages we’ve learned from society, the media, religion, or family and to discern whether or not to buy into those beliefs. “Are they empowering or disempowering me? Are they supporting me in creating and living a passionate, purpose-filled life or not?”

I believe it’s the questioning of the meaning of our pain and suffering that leads us down the path to our spiritual awakening. This process transforms us into new beings who radiate greater and greater degrees of light and love that then serves to heal our world.

My personal journey has been full of questioning.

Although I was 16 years old when I first began questioning the afterlife while writing a research paper on Death and Dying, my spiritual awakening and transformation transpired most prominently over the past 15 years. It started at a spiritual retreat in January 2003.

I experienced a very profound, mystical experience of powerful energy, which I refer to as the Holy Spirit, opening up places within me I never knew were closed. It reached into the depth of my being and cleared out the wounded parts of me where I held on to feelings of shame and inadequacy. By the end of that retreat I felt like a new person. It left me with an unquenchable thirst and desire to understand what had just transpired.

I sought to know, “How does the Holy Spirit work to heal us?”

This question led me on a 15-year journey of studying theology, spirituality, energy healing and soul-level healing using the Akashic records and applying it to my own life. Through this process, it became clear to me that my personal mission is to serve as a vessel for the Holy Spirit to facilitate healing, enlightenment and transformation in others’ lives by sharing what I’ve learned and experienced.

What is the most empowering concept I’ve learned over these past 15 years?

One concept that has helped me to better understand the meaning of life is that our souls plan what we wish to learn prior to incarnating. We do this with guidance from the spiritual realm, as well as with other souls with whom we choose to experience our lives.

“Really important meetings are planned by the souls long before the bodies see each other.” — Paul Coelho

I can choose to view my life’s challenges as senseless or meaningless; a result of being a victim of what God or the Universe or other people are doing TO me. Or I can choose to view them as a means to develop the qualities and attributes that my soul desired to learn in this lifetime.

When another person—or life itself—doesn’t meet my expectations or disappoints me, I now ask myself, “What qualities or life lessons might my soul have planned to learn through this experience? How is that soul who disappointed me actually serving my highest good? What is my role in serving their highest good?”

When I’ve shifted my perspective to “seeing souls instead of bodies,” especially of those who’ve disappointed me, I’ve gained a whole new whole new way of seeing beauty in others. And this shift in perspective, my friend, has been life-changing.

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