Congratulations! You did it!

How did the last half of lesson eight go?
  1. Section 3: Spiritual Practices provided you with the full Core Star Meditation and the full I AM and Aura Meditations. You can use them in this format or the formats I’ve provided to you throughout the course to help you tap into and live from the deep place within you where the God-essence resides.
  1. The meditations provided in Section 4: Mind, Body Spirit Connection are designed to equip you to:
    • Get in touch with that spark of the divine that resides within you and expand your inner light throughout your physical body and beyond. The more you expand this, the more spiritually connected you’ll feel with God or Divine Source and the rest of humanity.
    • Learn how your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings affect the functioning of your skeletal system.
    • Use the Tools to Support You section to easily find discovery exercises and spiritual practices to implement as you go forward from here. You’ve been provided with many tools and resources to support you.
  1. Use the healing prayers in Section 5 to align yourself with higher vibrational frequencies and to align your physical body with the majesty of your beautiful soul.

I’m here to use as a resource to continue to support you

on your spiritual journey.

I value your opinion and feedback:

  1. Please complete the Program Feedback form at the end of Lesson 8. It will provide valuable feedback on how well the program met your needs and help me to improve it for future students. 
  2. And if you’re willing, would you write a paragraph summarizing your experience that I could add to my website as a testimonial to help others know what to expect? You can use whatever name you prefer on it – your initials, or first name only, or your full name. If it’s helpful to have a guide on what to focus your writing on, you can answer these questions:
    • What were your circumstances before you started this program?
    • What was ONE big, overall benefit you experienced during our work together?
    • Are you experiencing any new circumstances as you’ve completed this program?

 I appreciate you taking the time to do this.

Thank you so much for trusting me to guide you on this journey.

It was a pleasure to work with you!

Sending you love and light as you continue on your journey of healing, enlightenment, and transformation.

Barbara Brodsho