You are now well on your way to reaching the summit as you awaken more and more to your spiritual self.

Keep up the great work!

This lesson focuses on where you are on your spiritual journey. The fact that you’re willing to do this inner work means that you’re on your path to discovering who you are and awakening to your true self.

I’ve shared the three phases of a Spiritual Awakening in the PowerPoint presentation in Section 1: Discovery Exercise. Can you relate to experiencing any of these things? It can be difficult to understand what you’re going through at the time, so I hope this explanation gives you a helpful perspective of the big picture.

There is light at the end of the tunnel and life at this

stage of the spiritual journey can be fabulous!

Use the questions for reflection in Section 2: Become a Compassionate Observer to help you discern where you’re at in this process.

The fact that you’re here investing your time and energy into this class, tells me that you are on the journey to greater self-awareness, self-love, and self-compassion. You’re detaching from external things that you’ve used in the past to define yourself and you’re moving more deeply into your divine, authentic self. You’ve started to implement spiritual practices to become more grounded and centered and living life from the core of your being – from that God-essence that resides deep within you.

Congratulations on all you’ve accomplished in this short

period of time!

Sending you love and light as you continue on this journey of healing, enlightenment, and transformation.

Barbara Brodsho