Lesson 6 is all about finding your inner voice so that you can live your truth.

The intention of this process is to empower you to increase your self-awareness by discovering new things about yourself, i.e., experience “aha” moments or gain new insights through the discovery exercises provided. It is to also give you the tools to grow into a more compassionate observer of your experiences by examining the thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and responses you’ve chosen, as well as the needs you’re trying to meet.

I hope you’ve been able to look at your past to discern how you’ve formed your beliefs and why you’ve chosen your behaviors as a response (most likely unconsciously) to cope with feelings that were overwhelming for you. And I hope you’ve been able to implement some of the spiritual practices provided to help you choose a different response going forward—one that is more life-giving and doesn’t repeat the pattern of self-judgment or self-criticism. I hope that you’ve been able to experience a greater degree of self-love and self-compassion through this process.

It is now time to tell a new story. What is it that you

want to create for yourself?

Section 1: Discovery Exercise provided you with the opportunity to focus on the new circumstances you want to experience in your life. There was also an example of how to write your new story. Section 2: Become a Compassionate Observer focused on the new beliefs you want to formulate and the new feelings you want to experience with the intention of meeting your own needs in a healthy manner.

The focus of the next few lessons is to help you gain clarity on what you want your life to be and to then be able to articulate that. The more specific you can be with your intentions for what you want to create, the easier it is for the Universe to respond and connect you with people, events, and circumstances to make them happen. There are many spiritual beings who are eager to help you manifest your intentions as you send them out into the Universe.

I’m excited for you to be at this stage in the process

and to learn how your life is transforming into a new

way of being the powerful creator you are!

Sending you love and light as you continue on this journey of healing, enlightenment, and transformation.

Barbara Brodsho