How did the last half of lesson three go?


One of the spiritual practices provided in Section 3 is designed to help you take yourself out of a major defense, if you find yourself using it. Become aware of how this inner work of becoming consciously aware and making different choices may be part of your personal life task of what your soul has come here to do. The other spiritual practice, the Golden Egg and Rainbow Shield Meditation, is an excellent resource for creating healthy energetic boundaries.


The meditations provided in Section 4: Mind, Body Spirit Connection are designed to equip you to:

  • Get in touch with that spark of the divine that resides within you and to expand your inner light throughout your physical body and beyond. The more you expand this, the more spiritually connected you’ll feel with God or Divine Source and the rest of humanity.
  • Feel what it feels like in your body to live fully from the essence of a healthy third chakra.
  • Learn how your thoughts, beliefs and feelings affect the functioning of your digestive system.


Make it a daily spiritual practice to use the healing prayers in Section 5 of the lesson to clear out energy in your energy field that no longer serves you, so that you can be filled with the highest and purest energy that you can now hold.

Sending you love and light as you continue on this journey of healing, enlightenment, and transformation.

Barbara Brodsho