You are now in the first week of Stage 2: Ascending the Mountain where you’ll be empowered to boost your self-confidence.

By now, you’ve begun lesson three and you’re digging even deeper into becoming more consciously aware of your emotions and beliefs and the defenses you’ve used as a coping mechanism. How are you doing?

I hope you’ve gotten through the Section 1: Discovery Exercise and have recognized if one of the 5 major defenses or character structures resonates with you. We’ve all used freeze, fight or flight behaviors as a way to cope with situations that have been overwhelming for us.

So have compassion for yourself as you seek to

understand what your defenses are and what the needs

were that you were trying to meet at the time.

Use the Section 2: Become a Compassionate Observer section of your workbook to help you process this.

Sending you love and light as you continue on this journey of healing, enlightenment and transformation.

Barbara Brodsho