How to Improve Your Relationships

Are you experiencing hurt, frustration, or struggles in a relationship with someone close to you?

Or just want to improve the relationship you have with someone?

When my client, Leslie contacted me, she and her husband were struggling with marital issues. They had gone through a lot in the short time they had been married and attended couple’s counseling. But that was not working for them. They stopped going and they were considering divorce.

As a way to find some peace and to discover if she and her husband had a compatible future together, Leslie purchased an Akashic Record Reading from me that focused on their relationship.

This reading provided them with information that helped them to:

  • Gain insight and understanding of what each of their soul-level traits, characteristics, and gifts are so that they can gain a new appreciation for each other.
  • Discover the life lessons or qualities their souls chose to experience in their relationship with one another.
  • Identify the root cause and clear the issues that they’re experiencing on an emotional level.
  • Make conscious choices to shift the dynamic between them.

The results Leslie and her husband experienced were life-changing. She shared,

“It’s been two months since the reading and it’s almost been unbelievable what’s happened. Our marriage is better than it’s ever been in 5 years. It’s made a drastic difference. We are showing more compassion towards one another and being kinder to each other. His relationship with our kids has improved and they are bonding better than ever before.”

If you’re interested in exploring an unconventional method to understand and improving a relationship on a soul-level or just want to enhance a healthy relationship, schedule a Relationship Consultation.

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