How to Engage Your
Spiritual Support

A Quick Intro Guide to Understand How They Work With You to Manifest Your Intentions

Topics Covered In This Guide

Part 1: Your Inner Circle of Guides

These spirit guides work with us on an intimate level. Their presence may feel very familiar because they’ve often lived many lifetimes with us in different relationships. The messages they share are very encouraging. They affirm that they have been with us throughout the ups and downs of our life providing support. Discover how they help us to become all that our soul has intended for us to be.

Part 2: Your Outer Circle of Guides

This group of spirit guides oversees specific areas of our life. They are far more spiritually advanced than us, with many times our spiritual life experience to draw upon. Find out what the seven areas of specialty are that these guides are responsible for and how they work together for our highest good.

Part 3: The Higher Spiritual Realm

The role of these masters, guides, and teachers on the higher spiritual plane is to help us to express our divine self as a human being. Learn how they provide assistance in helping us to evolve in consciousness over the long term.

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About The Author

Barbara Brodsho

Barbara spent decades of her life searching for answers to the meaning of life through different mainstream methods. But she intuitively knew that there was a perspective that she hadn’t yet found. The turning point was when she discovered the meaning and purpose of her life from her soul’s perspective. It finally gave her satisfactory answers that resonated as Truth to her. It is now her soul’s mission to help other people find the answers that they’re seeking. It’s her soul’s passion to support others on their journey of self-discovery and deep healing. It’s her soul’s purpose to utilize all that she’s learned from her life experiences, education, and deep inner work to empower others to connect with the wisdom that resides in their own souls to do the same.

“I recommend the programs Barb offers. Working with her I find the answers to nagging questions about myself. I now have a much better understanding of who I am. She showed me how to connect with my soul’s purpose. I’ve learned to love myself, have compassion for myself and others. I have goals for the future and the resources to achieve them. Barb is knowledgeable and inspiring. She is kind, caring, intuitive, wise and so willing to share herself to help me find my best self.”

What clients say about their Spirit Guides

I could to relate to all of them. I felt so loved and support by them.

I loved finding out who my spirit guides are, their Divine gifts, what their role is to support me and what messages they wanted to give me. I felt I could relate to all of them. It was a great experience that helped me to have a better understanding of myself and my soul.

Paula Holway

I wanted to find out information about my spirit guides as well as any messages they had for me. During my session, I felt the presence of my spirit guides working with powerful love and energy to remove an unbelievable weight of great sadness, guilt and shame. I felt the most intense and powerful love I’ve ever felt completely envelope me. I felt whole and restored!


I felt connected with all of my spirit guides. I even cried when I read about them because I could relate to all of them. I felt so loved and supported by them. I was amazed at how I resonated with them and their messages for me.



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How to Engage Your

Spiritual Support