Honor the Sacredness of Your

Body  and Soul

Self-Study Course


In this 8-lesson self-study course, you'll learn to break-free from negative thoughts about yourself and your body. It’s a holistic approach of spiritual practices for reconnecting you with and transforming the way you talk, think, and feel about yourself.

How students have resonated with this approach . . .

"I like the concept that before we can transform, we must accept ourselves and not struggle against it." -- Cynthia

"I gained the insight and attention that my spirit craved. I now know my behaviors are a gift calling for my attention to what truly needs healing in my life." --Ann

"I'm learning compassion for myself and realizing that what I would do to myself I would NEVER do to another--and realizing how wrong that is." --Sheila

"I got a new level of being able to be kind to myself and accept myself. I feel hopeful to continue on this journey." --Theresa

Barbara Brodsho, Soul Purpose Coach and Holistic Healer

will guide you through the

 8 Steps to Transform Your Relationship with Yourself From the Inside Out

  • 1

    Discover messages you've personally ingested about women and their bodies

    Imagine gaining a deeper understanding of why you feel shame or discontent towards yourself or your body. Discover the messages you’ve bought into and how you may be escaping the feelings they trigger in you. Learn a spiritual practice to bring the energy of your soul into your body, and to be grounded and centered in the present moment.

  • 2

    Let go of self-judgment and develop self-compassion

    Imagine loving and accepting yourself right now, just the way you are without trying to change anything. Discover how to recognize when you’re being judgmental towards yourself and where you store these judgmental feelings in your body. Learn a spiritual practice that creates a safe place for your soul to listen to the story your body wants to tell you.

  • 3

    Become conscious of your emotions, beliefs, and defenses

    Imagine understanding yourself on an intimate level when you learn how you formed beliefs based on the messages you received, the emotions it triggered within you, and how you chose to not feel these feelings. Discover how you formed defenses at a young age in order to be loved and accepted, or to protect yourself, or to feel safe. Learn a spiritual practice that empowers you to claim and create a healthy boundary for yourself that is solid from the inside out.

  • 4

    Listen to the wisdom of your physical body

    Imagine changing your relationship with yourself and your body from one that fights or ignores what your body is telling you . . . to one that honors and empowers you to listen to the wisdom it holds. Discover which body parts you don’t like or which body systems aren’t functioning optimally, and then trust them to tell you what they need. Learn a spiritual practice of gratitude for all the ways your body serves you and how each part is a gift to you.

  • 5

    Discern your authentic truth

    Imagine speaking your truth from a higher place instead of using your body in unhealthy ways to speak for you. Discover the power of the words you speak and how your body’s intelligence knows when truth is or is not honored and spoken. Learn a spiritual practice of discerning how to live in integrity with your authentic self and then formulate new life-giving beliefs.

  • 6

    Find your inner voice and live your truth

    Imagine being able to put into action what your heart and soul desires. Discover how to tell the difference between your inner voice and the voices bombarding you from society. Learn a spiritual practice to find your own voice in order to access your soul's profound wisdom and truth.

  • 7

    Awaken to your spiritual self

    Imagine feeling a strong connection with "All That Is" and expressing your creativity in a way that provides meaning and purpose. Discover the 3 phases of a spiritual awakening, how it can benefit you, and where you are on the journey. Learn a spiritual practice to connect with what your soul longs to do, be or become in this lifetime.

  • 8

    Trust your process and come home to your true self

    Imagine no longer projecting your feelings onto your body in unhealthy ways. Instead, you're developing a deep love and respect for your body and its wise connection to your soul. Discover how to recognize this process of transformation. Learn a spiritual practice to create the life you desire.

Your Self-Study Course Includes

  • Eight video-based lessons with printable slides delivered via an online membership site.
  • Audio recordings of the lessons for you to download if you prefer to listen rather than watch.
  • Written Course Materials in a downloadable PDF workbook for each lesson which includes Questions for Reflection and implementation steps.
  • BONUS: Free audio recordings of the discovery exercises and spiritual practices to download and use as a resource as often as you wish.

Each lesson includes these 5 topics:

  • 1

    Discovery Exercise

    This is a self-reflection tool to help you become more consciously aware of how the information provided personally applies to you and your life.

  • 2

    Become a Compassionate Observer

    This tool facilitates the process within you of recognizing your current thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and needs when you get triggered. Learn how you tried to get your needs met with the responses, defenses, or behaviors you chose in order to feel loved, accepted or safe.

  • 3

    Spiritual Practices

    Use this variety of tools to empower you to change your responses from old self-sabotaging patterns to making new choices that honor yourself and your relationship with your body and soul.

  • 4

    Mind, Body, Spirit Connection

    Learn how to tap into an inner resource that will strengthen you and align your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being with the truth of who you're created to be. Each lesson focuses on how to more efficiently open the creative energies that flow through your human energy system so that they can more effectively nourish every organ and cell in specific parts of your body.

  • 5

    Healing Prayers

    These prayers have healing energy imbued within them and are provided as a tool to add to your spiritual practice that will help shift your thinking or provide you with comfort.

Your Investment:


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1:1 Coaching with Your Self-Study Course

The 1:1 coaching sessions are designed to support you as you integrate this process into your life to receive deeper healing, enlightenment, and transformation on a soul-level. We access this deeper level through your soul’s Akashic Record which is an energetic recording of every thought, feeling, circumstance and choice made that your soul has experienced on its journey.

During the coaching session(s), I facilitate the process of connecting you with your personal Akashic Record Keepers. They are the “light beings” who are responsible for maintaining the integrity of your soul’s information from the moment your soul was created to present time.

Here are examples of the type of information you may ask your Akashic Record Keepers during your coaching session(s):

  • 1

    What information may be helpful for me to know in order to gain deeper insight about these issues that are keeping me stuck in old patterns?

    The karmic patterns that you're experiencing in this lifetime may actually be rooted in previous lives. They may be coming to the surface in this lifetime in order for you to gain consciousness around them and to heal them on a soul-level. Your Akashic Record Keepers will reveal information to you that they deem will be most helpful on your journey in the present moment.

  • 2

    What is the lesson my soul desires to learn from this specific experience?

    Often our souls come into this lifetime with a plan to have certain experiences so that we can learn from them in order to advance our personal growth and development. There may be soul contracts that we’ve created with others in order to learn from them. These contracts may now be ready to be released or upgraded. There may be ancestral or genetic patterns that have come with us into this lifetime that are contributing to our karmic patterns which are now ready to be healed for generations past and in the future. There may be past life vows that are ready to be released. We may be actively supporting others who are in our soul family to experience what their souls came here to learn.

  • 3

    What resources are available to me to heal and transform these issues on a deeper level or to heal my relationship with myself, my body, or others in my life?

    As you open your heart and ask for help, your Akashic Record Keepers generously facilitate the process of healing and clearing stuck energy. This assists you in shifting out of these old self-sabotaging patterns to create a new space within you in order to fulfill your heart’s desires. They may also provide other types of recommendations, guidance or direction customized for you.

  • 4

    Are there any gifts and talents from previous lives that I can reclaim in this life?

    You can ask for gifts and talents that you had in previous lives to be brought forward into your present life to help you align with your soul’s path and purpose for this lifetime.

This coaching accelerates your soul’s journey to healing, enlightenment and transformation because it gets to the root cause of the issue; provides you with wisdom and information directly from your soul; and facilitates the process of channeling profound, high-vibrational healing energy from Divine Source. 

Your Investment:

$547 or $925

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Gifts You'll Receive Through This Transformation Process

  • You’ll undergo a paradigm shift in how you view yourself,  your body, and your soul in a way that’s life-giving.
  • You’ll learn tools to love and accept yourself just as you are and transform to who your soul longs for you to be.
  • You’ll start listening to and hearing your inner voice.
  • You’ll learn how to speak your truth with the voice of your soul instead of your body.
  • You’ll gain a greater appreciation for your gifts.
  • You’ll become empowered to be the unique, divine, creative person you’re meant to be.
  • You’ll trust the innate wisdom of your body and its connection to your soul.

What Others Are Saying

The program is so valuable. I learned so much about the unhealthy attitudes I had about myself and my body. It isn’t my enemy. It is the sacred physical form that connects me to this world. Barb offers so many important lessons and tools that help to continue self-growth. 

Barb is welcoming and so invested in helping each person find their strengths. I finished the program feeling loving and caring about myself and my body. There is a calm I didn’t have before working her program. I now have so many resources to use to continue my love and appreciation of my body and soul. I am so grateful for Barb’s compassion and knowledge.


Before I took this class, I experienced an unhealthy relationship with my body—a deep dissatisfaction and resentment towards it. This class helped me to see myself and my body in a different light. I now see my body as wise spiritual vessel. I have so much more compassion for how I think and feel about myself and my body and I’m more at peace with it. I’ve been given the tools to work with myself and my body and my thoughts to help make positive changes.

I’m no longer numbing my feelings and emotions with food and wine. I’m in awe of its wisdom and am eager to more fully tap into it. I feel excited to learn more about the mind/body/spirit connection and listening to what my body has to tell me.


There were lots of "a-ha" moments, as well as those of comforting validation that the lessons I've made space for in my life are the "right ones." Self-compassion and loving intent are key.

- Lynda

Start your transformation today and come home to your true self.

Come and fall in love with your sacred, divine, and wise self and then extend this love back into the world!

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I look forward to supporting you on your journey of healing, enlightenment, and transformation!