Healing Past Life Issues

Have you ever felt like there are recurring life issues in your life that you just can’t seem to resolve no matter what you do? There seems to be no explanation as to what is causing them.

I’m familiar with that experience and I’ve explored many different avenues to address this perplexing issue. I have finally found the answer that makes sense to me.

It all comes down to the concept of reincarnation. 

During my spiritual journey, I learned about reincarnation and wondered why it wasn’t talked about in the Christian tradition.

In Reincarnation, the Missing Link in Christianity, Elizabeth Clare Prophet explains that reincarnation was a common belief in the history of some Jewish and Christian communities. There were debates that took place between the early Church Fathers regarding whether or not the soul was part of God.

One group of Church Fathers developed a theology that the soul is not part of the spiritual world; it is part of the changeable material world. They developed the doctrine that the soul is created at the same time as the body—at conception. This ruled out the concepts of reincarnation and pre-existence.

Prophet explains that the Catholic Church still teaches that the soul is created at the same time as the body and that the soul and the body are one unit.

This doctrine does not align with my personal belief system or my personal experience.

I believe God creates souls (separate from the body) who then choose to incarnate into human bodies. Our souls have lived many lives and the purpose of incarnating is to slowly progress on our evolutionary path towards union with God.

Past lives and the Akashic Records 

Our past lives exist in the Universal Energy Field in the form of the Akashic Records.  These records are referred to in the Old and New Testaments as the “Book of Life.”

According to Kevin J. Todeschi’s book, Edgar Cayce in the Akashic Records: The Book of Life, the Akashic Records are like a computer system that keeps track of every event that transpired in the history of every soul. They create a vibration that is imprinted on the skein of space and time and is permanently identified with the individual responsible.

Within this data is a record of lessons learned, opportunities lost, faults acquired, and experiences gained. There is a pool of information stored in the Akashic Records that the subconscious draws upon in the present. It has an effect and an influence upon how we think, how we react, what we choose, and even how we look!

Past lives and the concept of karma 

Todeschi says that karma is memory that we’ve brought with us from the past; memory in terms of situations that may still need to be learned, and even patterns that we keep choosing to experience. The soul constantly experiences the consequences of its previous choices.

In this theology, God is not in control of everything as is frequently taught in Orthodox Christianity. Individuals are in control of their lives through how they choose to respond to the situations they’ve drawn to themselves through free will.

In Hands of Light, Barbara Brennan explains that the process of incarnating is directed by the Higher Self. Before incarnating, the incoming soul meets with her spirit guide(s) to consider the tasks her soul needs to accomplish for soul growth, what karma needs to be dealt with, and the negative belief systems she needs to clear through experience.

How we act on our free will determines the possibilities and probabilities, which are stacked in our energy field. The possibilities far outnumber the actual experiences and are designed to teach our soul certain lessons we have chosen to learn.

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