The Akashic Records might be new to you. They provide deep healing because of their spiritual nature. But, because it’s not “mainstream”, people often have questions. Here are the common questions I get.

I’ve tried all kinds of healing modalities. Why is this different? Expand

You’ve worked hard on yourself and have tried so many things – even things experts have recommended for you. Some of them may have worked and some may not have gotten you where you want to be.

It’s not your fault. You may not yet know what the root cause is, so you end up just addressing the symptoms instead of the root problem.

You’ve made unconscious decisions and choices. What many people don’t know is that our relatives in the past also made decisions and choices that continue to influence us today. The choices your ancestors made and those you have made affect how you live today.

Without being consciously aware, you can repeat the same choices and consequences you’ve made in the past or that your relatives made. This will cause you to continue to perpetuate the same patterns lifetime after lifetime, generation after generation.

The messages you’ve received from

  • your parents and relatives in your childhood, as well as messages
  • passed down to you by your ancestors, or
  • received from religious authorities,
  • media,
  • social media,
  • your peers, and
  • through your culture . . .

highly impact your perspectives and attitudes.

They continue to shape your choices and ways of thinking today. These perspectives, attitudes, thoughts, and beliefs can cause errors in your thinking. They don’t align with who you are as a Divine Being. That’s what causes pain and suffering.

Your work is to pinpoint the root cause of where these messages, thoughts, beliefs and perspectives came from. Only then can you truly begin to change your pattern of self-defeating thoughts and actions.

When you’re given the tools and support to replace your current actions with life-giving choices, then you’ll be empowered to change your life. These old patterns will no longer consume time and energy distracting you from living the life you desire.

You’ll start transforming your connection with and acceptance of yourself from the inside out.

I am able to provide you a process for healing, enlightenment and transformation. On this journey, you’ll experience that deep sense of peace you’ve been seeking. You’ll be able to focus your energy and attention instead on living a purpose-filled life.

Can I really know who I am as a Divine Being? Expand

Your soul was created with a Divine Soul Blueprint. It has its own “code” which reflects who you are as a divine soul.

Your Divine Soul Blueprint tells you what your innate gifts, traits and characteristics are as a soul. These qualities stay with you throughout all of your lifetimes.

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It also tells you how you’re designed to create and manifest the outcomes you want for your life. Once you know your Manifesting Blueprint, you can align your choices and actions more closely with it.

What choices have you made in the past that don’t align with your Divine Soul Blueprint?  They will come to the surface and demand your attention by getting louder and louder.

These are the ones your soul is ready for you to heal. They will manifest in ways such as trauma, drama, dysfunction, depression, anxiety, or low self-esteem.

If you address them at the root cause and discover from where they stem, then you can find out more information about them and begin to heal them.

When you heal them at the root cause, you’ll free up a greater degree of creative vital force energy to flow through you. Then, you’ll have a greater ability to create a lighter, more joyful, fulfilled life of abundance.


What influences the choices I make? Expand

The experiences you’ve had in your present lifetime, past lifetimes, or that your ancestors had–they’re all imprinted into your soul like a stamp of energy. They are recorded there in your soul’s memory.

When you chose as a soul to incarnate into a physical human body, all of these experiences in your soul’s memory, including traumatic ones, came with you. They manifest as imprints in your human energy fields – in your mental, emotional, or spiritual body.

  • Your soul and your human energy fields hold the vibrational frequency of the emotions you’ve felt and the beliefs you’ve formed in this lifetime.
  • You’ve also made many choices throughout your soul’s history. Those choices, as well as the consequences experienced, were also recorded in your soul’s memory. They continue to influence you today.
  • Finally, you hold some of the vibrational frequencies of your ancestors.

Some of their decisions and commitments created genetic imprints and genetic karma in them. Traumatic experiences especially affect what is called the epigenome. The trauma changes the function of a gene without actually changing the physical makeup of that gene.

Those changes in function can be passed down to you in the physical DNA from your parents. They become part of your genetic blueprint.

How does this affect me in my present life? Expand

You carry messages inherited from your ancestors through a “code” reflected in your physical DNA that governs the interactions you have with people and your environment. The “code” in your physical DNA can cause you to attract experiences to you that have a similar energetic quality to them as your ancestors experienced.

Even though the roots of the experiences happened generations ago through your paternal or maternal ancestry, they can be carried forward through your physical DNA. They play out as if those experiences are still happening.

This is because the experiences are “imprinted” into all dimensions of your being – mental, emotional, and spiritual. Since everything has a vibrational frequency, the thoughts and beliefs related to those experiences vibrate at certain frequencies.

Let’s say your ancestors experienced traumatic events with huge emotional consequences. Those emotions, like fear, guilt, shame, or betrayal, vibrate at a low frequency. Then they will be recorded and come with you into this lifetime.

When thoughts, beliefs, or emotions vibrate at a low frequency, they can get trapped in your physical body which can then manifest as illness, injury or self-sabotaging behaviors. You then become overwhelmed by feelings that you can’t understand. You can’t figure out how to resolve them, so you use coping mechanisms to relieve them.

This leads to addictions to food, drugs, smoking, shopping, gambling or whatever else you’re attracted to that provides a distraction from what you’re feeling. These are most likely coping mechanisms you’ve used for many lifetimes. Therefore, they are deeply embedded in your soul’s memory.

That’s why it is so hard to make lasting change without knowing the root cause and healing it there.

If you just keep chipping away at trying to address the symptoms and don’t get down to the root cause, you won’t be empowered to change your circumstances.

How can my ancestors’ beliefs impact me? Expand

Beliefs are ideas and concepts that you consciously or unconsciously “buy into”. It’s how you make sense of your life, and they shape your personal truth. You attract people who are willing to uphold your belief systems for you because if you don’t the world won’t make sense. Beliefs are not “right” or “wrong”, but if they’re limiting your ability to manifest what you want for your life, it’s a good time to evaluate them.

You can inherit beliefs from your genetic lineage. These beliefs can be carried forward to you through the physical DNA you inherit from your parents. This may cause you to carry a gene or inherit a pattern or predisposition for a particular issue in your life.

Your choices regarding your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, etc. can trigger these genetics to be activated in your body which will then cause you to experience the consequences of those choices.

Or you may also learn and then “buy into” beliefs from your ancestors that were part of their country or community that they passed down to you.

For example, you may have heard messages from your ancestors that “Life is hard. You have to struggle in order to make a living. You have to work hard just to survive.” Maybe these messages and the beliefs they formed stemmed from a famine that they lived through many generations ago. These messages and beliefs can then be passed down through the generations to you. Then this message transitions into an unconscious belief that sabotages what you want to create in your life.

How can my beliefs sabotage me? Expand

Beliefs are energy that vibrate at a certain frequency and when you “buy into” them, they can reside in your human energy fields – mental, emotional, spiritual, or physical energy fields. These beliefs can be related to money, health, relationships, religious or spiritual beliefs, etc.

The thoughts, beliefs, emotions, choices and consequences you’ve experienced in your present lifetime–and throughout all of your lifetimes since your soul’s creation–affect your Divine Soul Blueprint.

When you experience certain life situations that are very confusing, especially as a child, you might try to make sense of them by unconsciously changing yourself in order to fit into what you were taught. If what you experience, as well as what occurs around you simply doesn’t match the “code” of your Divine Soul Blueprint, you might change or “corrupt” your own codes.

You do this unconsciously so that you fit. Or, maybe it’s your way to make sense of your physical world. It might be how you survive.

When the altered code remains unaddressed within your lifetime it creates “blocks and restrictions” which then impede the flow of your vital force energy through your body.

The repeating cycle of the negative choices you make and consequences you experience are referred to as “negative karmic patterns”.

What causes negative karmic patterns to be repeated? Expand

Those thoughts, beliefs and emotions are often unconscious, but they affect the energetic frequencies you hold in your physical body. You then broadcast that same vibrational frequency of energy out into the Universe.

This is what causes you to attract similar experiences that vibrate at that same frequency. The energy you put out into the Universe is typically what you attract back to you; therefore, you continue to attract similar experiences that resonate at their same frequency until you break the cycle.

For example, you may have inherited the energy of an ancestral vow through your physical DNA when your ancestors made a vow and upheld it in their lifetime. It might have been a vow of poverty, suffering, sacrifice, chastity, silence or obedience.

It became a part of their physical DNA’s energetic structure which was then passed down to the next generations. You probably were a vibrational match for this ancestral vow when you incarnated and have worked to resolve this in your thoughts, beliefs and feelings. But, maybe, you have not been able to resolve it in your physical body.

You end up “broadcasting” this energy into your environment which then causes you to attract circumstances that vibrate at that same frequency level. You continue to attract people or circumstances that still resonate with the energy of this ancestral vow until you consciously clear it.

What other factors might be influencing the experiences I attract? Expand

I believe our souls decide prior to incarnating into a physical body what type of experiences we want to have and what patterns we want to heal in this particular lifetime. So those types of experiences are what we attract to ourselves for the purpose of healing these patterns.

An example of this is that there are people who have chosen to incarnate into this time in history to end the pattern of abuse. They are part of a huge group of souls who made a social contract prior to incarnating to heal this issue. They’ve chosen to incarnate into a family where there is a high probability that there will be abuse. It may be that there is abuse through the ancestral and genetic lineages in which it has been passed down from parent to child to the next generation.

When we’ve lived many lifetimes, there is a high probability that we too have been the abusers. Therefore, these souls are willing to choose to incarnate into a family of high probability of abuse knowing that they may be the one abused this time. They do this to complete the karmic pattern.

They want to heal the trauma, fear, abandonment, betrayal, etc. that comes with that issue. They want to raise conscious awareness around this issue–within themselves, within society, and within their ancestral or genetic lineage.

So those souls say, “I’m going to end this pattern of abuse. I’m going to get conscious about it and heal myself. I’m going to make sure my children are safe. And then I’m going to help others heal their pattern of abuse.”

Another example might be that a soul chooses a family with certain religious or spiritual beliefs. That soul wants to clear some of the negative energy of the dogma or beliefs that they carry in that ancestral or genetic lineage. It chooses to become conscious about those beliefs and make new choices so that they can experience life in a different way.

When you choose to incarnate into a specific family that has a similar vibration to you, or certain negative karmic patterns that you want to heal, you are choosing to continue to uphold these genetic imprints and patterns until you are ready to break the cycle.

How can I break the cycle? Expand

First you become aware of the repeating pattern. You dive into exploring how it was created. Then you can begin to unravel this repeating process that continues to show up in your life.

The first step is to get clear on what the symptoms are that you’re experiencing. Look especially at those that seem to continually repeat themselves and cause you frustration, heartache or disappointment.

Then set the intention to have your soul guide you to identify and clear the negative karmic patterns. Those patterns are either the root cause of or contributing to these specific issues.

Many of us have accumulated many lifetimes of experiences in which we’ve not made choices that align with our Divine Soul Blueprint, so there are many karmic patterns that could be addressed. But just focus on the one that is most prevalent in your life now.

Ask to be guided to an experienced practitioner who can assist you in accessing your soul’s wisdom to reveal information about this negative karmic pattern. That person can show you how to address it, then clear it.

To break the cycle, the experienced practitioner can access the soul’s memory to uncover information about what the root cause is or when this pattern began.

What information can I discover working with you? Expand

You can discover where your negative karmic patterns started-in this lifetime, a past lifetime, or with your ancestors generations ago. For example, if there is an ancestral vow affecting you that’s related to the intention you set, you can discover the type of ancestral vow and how many generations ago it was created.

You can discover whether it was created on your maternal or paternal side, and at what age it was activated in your present life. You can find out how prevalent this karmic pattern still is in your generation and who is still upholding this pattern.

Then you can begin to understand how this has played out in your family’s life and in your personal life.

For other types of past life, ancestral or genetic patterns, you can learn what the emotional energy is that you’re carrying in your mind, body, soul, or spirit. For example,

  • trauma,
  • betrayal,
  • persecution,
  • criticism,
  • isolation,
  • guilt,
  • shame,
  • self-doubt, or
  • self-loathing.

You can learn where this energy resides within you. It might reside in the “mental body” of your human energy field. This is where you’re holding the energy of those thoughts and beliefs that you created or that were passed on to you.

Or it may reside in the “emotional body” of your human energy field. That would be because you’re holding the emotions related to particular past experiences.

If you’re holding it in your “heart space”, these thoughts, beliefs and emotions will be affecting your relationship with yourself or with others.

This can also give you clues as to how it might be affecting you physically. These negative karmic patterns will impede your vital force energy. Your life energy won’t be able to flow freely through your whole being. Holding onto the low vibrational frequencies of negative thoughts, beliefs, and emotions, will block the flow.

This is where you’ll experience physical illness or injury. For example, if your creative energy is not flowing efficiently through your heart space,  it can impact the functioning of your physical heart and your circulatory system.

How can I clear this negative energy? Expand

You always have the free will to change your thoughts, beliefs, emotional responses, and choices at any time. It takes willingness and courage to become conscious. Once you are conscious, it takes even more courage. You’ll have to take responsibility for your choices and actions and how you respond.

But, if you’re not consciously aware, you’ll continue to make the same choices as you did in the past. You’ll continue to create similar results.

When it comes to inheriting genetic beliefs or genetic karma, you might think that it “gets you off the hook” for taking responsibility for them. But at a soul-level, these karmic patterns were present in you first.

Then you chose to incarnate into a family that had a similar vibration to you. You continued to uphold these beliefs, consciously or unconsciously, and to incarnate into a family who also continues to uphold these beliefs. This is how you are responsible for upholding and perpetuating these ancestral and genetic or karmic patterns until you break the cycle.

You can choose to empower yourself by becoming consciously aware of the parts of your lineage that no longer serve you. You can release them.  Quite frankly, it’s far more powerful than blaming your genetics.

You have the power and ability to clear and heal these patterns for generations in the past and generations going forward!

This is how you can take responsibility to seek out the information held in your soul’s memory. You dig into the thoughts, beliefs and emotions that are causing the negative effects in your life.

This information will empower you to make conscious choices that align to your Divine Soul Blueprint which is who you are at a soul-level. The more you do this, the more you’ll begin to attract new experiences that are more closely aligned to what your heart and soul desires.

Are you ready to address your issues at the core so that you can transform your life? Expand

If you are, then I offer a comprehensive, unique, proprietary process that takes you step-by-step on a transformative journey.

You’ll learn how to discover where your messages are coming from and how they’re affecting you mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Then you’ll learn how to shift out of your negative karmic patterns by consciously choosing different responses that will release the stuck energy.

I offer individual soul guidance to support you in digging deeper into the issues and apply what you’ve learned. You’ll be guided through a process in which you’ll connect with your higher self-awareness and tap into your soul’s wisdom. That will provide you with the higher perspective I’ve described above. The negative karmic patterns will be identified and cleared. This process accelerates this shift and helps you to heal deeper and faster.

This makes it easier for you to make different choices going forward that align with your divine soul. The deeper you clear the negative energy of the repeating patterns, the less you’ll attract those negative karmic patterns.

Your soul will learn what it came here to learn and it will be healing it at the core. This is a transformative process that can be used as a template for you to use over time as your soul is ready for each level of deeper healing. The more you do this, the more you’ll experience a deeper sense of inner peace and contentment.

The result of this process is that you’ll:

  • Learn how to love yourself and show compassion for yourself. The more compassion, understanding and forgiveness you show yourself, the more you are able to express this to others.
  • Find your own inner voice and place more trust in that than in what others outside of you convince you to think and believe.
  • Awaken to your spiritual self-to who you are as a divine being. Your soul is leading and guiding you through this life on your spiritual journey.
  • Receive a new perspective of how to make meaning of the pain and suffering you’ve experienced which makes life worth living. When you understand why you chose to be here and what you wanted to learn, you’ll be blessed with new wisdom.


  • Gain clarity on what is yours to take responsibility for and let go of what is not. That way you’re not investing time and energy into fixing everyone else.
  • Free yourself from the repeating issues or patterns you’re experiencing. It’ll free up energy within you to pursue your hopes, dreams and desires.
  • Free up energy to fulfill your soul’s purpose that you intended when you chose this human life.

Here’s what you need to bring to the table. Expand

You must be open, willing and motivated to:

  • Seek and hear the truth about who you are and how you’ve created the circumstances you’re experiencing.
  • Become consciously aware of and take responsibility for your choices–and the consequences of those choices. Then allow others to do the same for theirs.
  • Examine how you have coped with uncomfortable situations or feelings in the past. Try a new approach to address them.
  • Receive information from a higher perspective that you may not have heard of before.
  • Understand the concept that we are more than just our physical bodies . . . that we are multi-dimensional spiritual beings and that all of these parts of us influence each other and impact the results we get.
  • Understand this is a process you can use as a template for the rest of your life as your soul prompts you to go deeper and deeper over time.

This program is NOT for you if you:

  • Are just seeking information and not transformation.
  • Want a quick fix and aren’t willing to do the inner work.

Click here. if your soul is prompting you to pursue this fascinating adventure toward self-love, acceptance, and inner peace you’ve been seeking.

I look forward to supporting you on your journey of healing, enlightenment, and transformation!