Experiencing unresolved grief and loss?

Explore a holistic approach to healing.

Are you experiencing unresolved grief and loss from the death of a loved one? Someone you’re no longer in a relationship with? Still struggling with emotional pain from unresolved issues between you?

This unresolved emotional pain can continue to reside in your heart and soul and cause anxiety, depression, or an inability to move forward with life. Using spiritual empowerment coaching and energy healing therapy, we can take steps to repair the relationship even though the person has died or you’re no longer in a relationship with them.

I helped one client heal her relationship with a parent who had died by releasing emotions that kept her stuck in old patterns. Through our sessions, she became consciously aware of the messages she had received that were unhelpful and toxic and we worked to re-frame her beliefs that were not serving her highest good. During one of our energy healing sessions, she had a mystical experience in which she saw a vision of her mother and received a message that was very healing and comforting to her.

As a result of our work together over a period of time, she gained clarity regarding this relationship, gained tools to set healthier boundaries with others, and experienced a deeper level of forgiveness towards that parent than ever before. She reported that the anxiety that she felt had significantly decreased.

If you’re still coping with unresolved grief and loss regarding a relationship and would like to explore a holistic approach, I invite you to check out the Relationship Consultation.

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