Embrace Our Soul’s Life Lessons

Hiking in Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

A Year of Transformation

2017 was a year of tremendous transformation of my “well-being” both personally and professionally. I’ve worked in the business sector for 35 years. In addition, I’ve provided spiritual guidance to help people “heal and thrive” through a variety of services part-time over the last ten years. Last fall, I followed my calling and invested time and energy into converting my part-time healing profession into a full-time vocation. I launched my website and was ready to begin promoting when my plans came to a screeching halt.

My physical “well-being” was being transformed

I was connected with a doctor of naturopathy who was finally able to accurately diagnose and treat health issues I’ve experienced for 25 years. I was instructed to follow a strict protocol, rest, put other priorities on the back burner, and make my physical health my number one priority. Three months later, I began to feel an abundance of energy that I’ve not felt in years. When my husband, Kent, and I visited the Mighty Five National Parks in Utah this past summer, I was able to hike 70 miles–even in temperatures over 100 degrees. My favorite was hiking the “Narrows” in the Virgin River in Zion National Park. My physical “well-being” was transforming!

My profession of “well-being” was being transformed

Later in July, the focus of “well-being” in my profession also began transforming. As more creative energy flowed through me, I was inspired to create a curriculum based on a culmination of 15 years of education and experience. It empowers spiritual seekers to transform their own “well-being” by living in alignment with their soul’s design. Now my focus is to provide spiritual guidance to help people “live their purpose and thrive.” One component of this is healing.

This theme of “well-being” has shown up in a variety of ways over the course of my life. Mentally and emotionally, I’ve experienced periods in my life of great joy and fulfillment, as well as anger and shame. Spiritually, I’ve experienced both a close connection with the Divine Creator, and at other times felt very distant or abandoned. I’ve enjoyed both strong physical health, as well as less-than-optimal conditions.

My soul chose this life lesson of “well-being”

It was enlightening for me to learn from my Akashic Record that my soul chose this theme of “well-being” as the primary life lesson that it wanted to examine and experiment with in this lifetime. We learn through contrast. So we attract circumstances and people that provide the ability to experience many sides of a theme in order to come to know our divine nature better. We’ll continue to do this until our soul has experienced enough of itself through that theme or life lesson.

I now have a powerful tool to view my life from my soul’s perspective. I embrace my life lessons and ask, “Have I attracted this circumstance or person to me in order to experience one of the life lessons I chose?” “Am I attracting this circumstance to help someone else experience one of their life lessons?” This conscious awareness provides me with a unique sense of purpose. With this new level of creative energy and renewed sense of “well-being,” I am now ready to move forward with a greater sense of confidence and clarity than ever before.

If you’d like to discover what your soul chose as its life lessons for this lifetime, schedule a Soul Perspective Consultation here. I’d love to help you discover this valuable information that will provide you with an enlightening perspective.

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