Cultivating Self-Compassion

As souls, we have a universal need to be seen and heard.

I’ve experienced a life-long inner conflict of feeling angry that I appear to be invisible to others; and at the same time, I’m fearful of being visible to others. I believe this pain that I’ve carried within myself, and that is reflected in the world, is what my soul has come here to heal. This inner wound has been one of my greatest teachers. It’s what has propelled me to develop the qualities my soul has needed in order to share my gifts of healing with others.

As I’ve tapped into the wisdom of my soul, I’ve discovered through my Akashic Record that I’ve not only been experiencing this theme in this lifetime, but it’s been a recurring theme for many lifetimes. That’s why it’s been so hard to overcome.

Now when I attract events, circumstances, and people into my life that cause this same recurring pattern to reappear, I use this opportunity for deep, personal introspection. I view it as an invitation to cultivate compassion for myself and to make different choices going forward that will align with my divine nature.

I’ve found this process to be helpful to heal recurring themes and to develop self-compassion.

First, utilizing my soul’s Akashic Record, I’ve discovered what the events and circumstances were at the time this theme originated and the choices I made as a result of them. I’m able to discern the self-defeating thoughts and beliefs I created, and the emotions that were triggered that still reside in my soul and are causing suffering. When traumatic things happen in our lives, sometimes we develop errors in our thinking when we try to make sense of them, but they don’t align with who we are as Divine Beings. They continue to shape our choices and ways of thinking.

Second, I reflect upon the needs I was trying to meet when I made those choices. Our souls have universal needs – meaning that we all have the experience of needing certain things. We might have needed to make difficult choices in order to survive, or to protect ourselves or our families, or to feel loved or accepted. Or it may have been a need for autonomy, a sense of belonging, safety or security.

Third, I take this opportunity to be honest about how I’m perpetuating this pattern in my life. How am I continuing to engage in these thoughts and beliefs that are not serving my highest good? How am I unconsciously allowing the same emotions to be triggered within me? Where am I holding these emotions in my body and as a result, creating physical issues?

This process of self-reflection empowers me to shift out of this recurring pattern.

I can now examine this experience from my soul’s perspective and create a different outcome. I can choose a belief system that’s more loving, accepting, and compassionate and make choices that align with my divine nature.

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