Is something amiss within your living environment, but you’re not able to put your finger on what’s causing it?

There may be energetic issues with

your property that can be cleared.

Have you noticed that when you do a lot of inner work, that your living environment doesn’t feel comfortable to you anymore? It may have when you first moved in, but over time specific rooms in your home, your home in general, or even your property begin to bug you to the point that you don’t even want to spend time in that space.

This is because your property is no longer in

alignment with who you’ve become as

you’ve grown and changed.

A property that you own has its own Akashic Record. We can access it and energetically realign it to your soul’s new vibrational level that you’re at now.

Schedule a Property  Clearing and Realignment  Consultation

Here’s how it can help

During this 30-minute consultation, you’ll discover what issues are causing your property to be out of alignment with you and we’ll clear them energetically. (You must be the owner of the property—not a renter or a real estate agent).

As a result, you may be inspired to redecorate or clear the space so that you love being there again. Or if you decide you want to move on to an entirely new space, your property will already be cleared when you decide to sell it.

Your Investment: $99

Here’s what you can expect

  • You’ll schedule your session and pay for the service through the link below.
  • You’ll give me your permission to access your property’s Akashic Record.
  • I’ll provide you with an electronic document with your personalized information on it in advance of your scheduled session.
  • We’ll meet via a zoom conference call during your scheduled time, and I’ll record the session with your permission.
  • During the session, we’ll process what you discovered about your property in your personalized document and/or review resources provided.
  • After the session, I’ll provide you with an audio and/or video recording of the session for your future reference.

Are you ready to get started?

Or if you have more questions, schedule a free discovery call here.

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