Are you an Empath? Taking on other people’s pain?

Explore a holistic approach. When Anne came to see me, she felt drained of energy and like she had the weight of the world on her shoulders. She was struggling to establish healthy boundaries and to not take on other people’s pain as her own. She wanted to feel lighter in her stressful work environment. […]

Experiencing unresolved grief and loss?

Explore a holistic approach to healing. Are you experiencing unresolved grief and loss from the death of a loved one? Someone you’re no longer in a relationship with? Still struggling with emotional pain from unresolved issues between you? This unresolved emotional pain can continue to reside in your heart and soul and cause anxiety, depression, […]

How to Improve Your Relationships

 Are you experiencing hurt, frustration, or struggles in a relationship with someone close to you? Or just want to improve the relationship you have with someone? When my client, Leslie contacted me, she and her husband were struggling with marital issues. They had gone through a lot in the short time they had been […]