Cultivating Self-Compassion

As souls, we have a universal need to be seen and heard. I’ve experienced a life-long inner conflict of feeling angry that I appear to be invisible to others; and at the same time, I’m fearful of being visible to others. I believe this pain that I’ve carried within myself, and that is reflected in […]

A Resource for Healing Relationships

Are you frustrated with an unresolved, recurring issue in a relationship? Have you ever experienced an issue in a relationship and you just can’t figure out what caused it? It continues to reoccur over and over again. Since you’re both committed to addressing it, you see all types of professionals. They can’t explain how it […]

Healing Past Life Issues

Have you ever felt like there are recurring life issues in your life that you just can’t seem to resolve no matter what you do? There seems to be no explanation as to what is causing them. I’m familiar with that experience and I’ve explored many different avenues to address this perplexing issue. I have […]