Are you on the path to fulfill your life’s purpose?

Your soul holds the key. When I first started working with Marcia, she longed to feel joy and fulfillment in her profession. She knew there was more to her life’s purpose, but wasn’t sure how to manifest it. Any action steps she had taken in the past left her wondering if she was on the […]

Open to an unconventional path of self-discovery?

 Jane was serious about discovering who she really was, and about seeking a greater understanding of how her life choices were affecting her efforts to live her soul’s purpose. She was struggling with knowing if she was on the right track with her life and business. She was unsure of herself and didn’t trust […]

Live Our Purpose and Thrive!

Why are we here? I’ve often wondered why our souls choose to inhabit a physical body and experience life here on planet Earth. There are probably as many answers to this question as there are people. I’ve come to believe that our souls, along with the assistance of the spiritual realm, create our intentions for […]

How I Discovered My Soul’s Gifts

Have you ever felt like life’s gotten out of control? Like you’re stuck running on a treadmill 100 miles an hour and you can’t get off? In my early 30’s, my husband and I were both working full-time, raising two young children, and racing from one activity to the next. Life felt like it was […]