Cultivating Self-Compassion

As souls, we have a universal need to be seen and heard. I’ve experienced a life-long inner conflict of feeling angry that I appear to be invisible to others; and at the same time, I’m fearful of being visible to others. I believe this pain that I’ve carried within myself, and that is reflected in […]

Life From My Soul’s Perspective

Life is painful. Pure and simple. People fail to meet our expectations. Reality often doesn’t measure up to the visions we’ve created for our relationships or life experiences. This dissonance creates disappointment. These disappointments can cause us to question the purpose and meaning of life. But questioning can actually serve us. It provides an opportunity […]

The Masks We Wear

Early one morning, as my husband passed by my home office, he saw a strange sight. Sunlight was shining through our stained glass window directly onto a mask that hangs on the opposite wall. It was illuminated in the most profound way. When this illuminating event happened again the next day, I decided it was […]

Spiritual Crisis: What is my purpose here on Earth?

Have you ever wondered, “What is my purpose here on earth?” Or felt like your life lacks fulfillment, meaning or purpose? Might you be experiencing a spiritual crisis? What is a spiritual crisis?  A spiritual crisis, also called an “existential crisis,” is a state of disharmony experienced when people question the foundation upon which they […]