Article in August 2022 Natural Awakenings Magazine: Freedom from Oppression: Trust our Soul’s Guidance

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me. This is the first line of the lyrics of one of the most well-known hymns in the Christian tradition called Amazing Grace. This popular spiritual was written by John Newton in 1772. He was an enslaver who converted to Christianity when he was saved from a horrendous storm that almost sank his ship. Newton was quoted as saying he could remember two things: “That I am a great sinner, and that Christ is a great Savior.”

Although the hymn was written to give thanks for the grace from God who saved him from himself and the choices he made, the word he used to describe himself was a wretch. He resonated with the identity of himself as a despicable, contemptible, poor, pitiful or miserable person who is a great sinner. The self-hatred that Newton exuded through those lyrics seems to resonate with the frequency of shame.

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Barbara Brodsho shares her new course, 8 Steps to Boost Your Self-Confidence: Trust Your Soul to Guide You, now available online. It is a holistic approach of spiritual practices for transforming the way we talk, think and feel about ourselves. This is a journey to reconnect one’s body, mind, soul and spirit in a positive way.

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Article in April 2022 Natural Awakenings Magazine: The Soul’s Calling to Sustain Life on Earth

All human beings have a responsibility to create and preserve a “sustainable society” on planet Earth—a society in which everyone contributes to preserve or improve the environment and its resources so future generations will have a beautiful, bountiful home to inhabit. What they may not realize is that for some, this responsibility has also been agreed to on a soul-level.

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Article in November 2021 Natural Awakenings Magazine: Discover Your Life Purpose without Being Religious

Many are asking why souls choose to inhabit a physical body and experience life here on planet Earth. There are probably as many answers to this question as there are people. One perspective to consider is that souls, with the assistance of the spiritual realm, create intentions for what they want to accomplish in this lifetime prior to their birth. Consider the possibility that the Creator has designed people to carry their soul’s longings and intentions along with the power to manifest them energetically in their bodies. These longings lead them through their lives.

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Article in December 2020 Natural Awakenings Magazine: Let Us Speak Truth from a Higher Place

These bodies of ours are a magnificent creation. It is awe-inspiring how they have the innate intelligence to function without us consciously telling them what to do. It is a miracle how 7.8 billion souls inhabiting bodies on this planet right now are designed with their own unique physical characteristics to reflect their light out into the world.

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Article in March 2020 Natural Awakenings Magazine: Raise Consciousness To Improve The Global Climate

Dr. David R. Hawkins, M.D, Ph.D., an internationally renowned spiritual teacher, psychiatrist and physician, developed the widely known “Map of Consciousness”. His work concluded that with “each progressive rise in the level of consciousness, the ‘frequency’ or ‘vibration’ of energy increases. Thus, higher consciousness radiates a beneficial and healing effect on the world.”

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Article in January 2020 Natural Awakenings Magazine: Purposeless Can Lead To A Spiritual Awakening

There are 900 million people in 142 countries who are unfulfilled with what they do in life, according to a Gallup poll in 2014. In the U.S. alone, 70 percent of people working are unhappy and don’t care for what they do. The poll says that millennials are the most unfulfilled and care least about what they do at work. This is a lot of people who feel stuck in a boring, passive life with unfulfilled dreams, visions and desires.

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Sibyl Magazine Articles – 2018:

Barbara has published 8 articles in a series entitled, “Aligning with Our Soul’s Design,” in the 2018 international online publication, SIBYL MAGAZINE—For the Spirit and Soul of Woman.

Their mission is to continue giving rise and voice to a higher, more transparent level of feminine awareness, personal wellbeing, individual empowerment and spiritual awakening for all women everywhere.

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