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Barbara has helped me to clarify how I can create change and pursue the new intentions I have set for myself based on what I now understand about who I really am. As a result of working with her I feel things shifting around me, I feel different about the possibilities in my life and how to pursue them, and I see myself in a new way.”

~Christopher Carrick

Join me on a FREE Discovery Call where we'll walk through the 8-step process I've created utilizing your soul’s own personal "Book of Life" to guide you to discover and live your PURPOSE!

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 Implement a plan to manifest that vision.

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My Story

I’ve always been interested in “information.” My favorite thing to do as a child was to play school and be the teacher because that meant I’d have the Teacher’s Edition that contained the answers to the questions. I still have my favorite Teacher’s Edition book that my grandmother used. I LOVED that book because the answers are in RED!

I was 16 when I began questioning the meaning of life and have been driven to seek the answer since then. My interest in “information” led me to a career in Information Technology. My role was to implement software solutions that improved efficiency, streamlined operations, and provided data to the organization’s leaders to make informed decisions.

In 2003, I experienced a profound healing of deep emotional and spiritual pain that I had experienced in my life. This spontaneous healing propelled me forward on my journey to better understand how Spirit works to heal our pain.

On this quest over the next 12 years, I earned a master’s degree in Christian Theology and certifications in Spiritual Direction and Energy Medicine, a form of holistic healing of mind, body, and spirit. I applied what I learned to my own life to continue the healing process. In 2008, I became an entrepreneur whose mission was to provide spiritual guidance to facilitate this process of healing, enlightenment and transformation within others as I had done in my own life.

In 2014, I discovered the Akashic Records, referred to in the Christian tradition as “The Book of Life.” It’s an energetic recording of our soul’s divine nature and how we were designed by the Creator. It also contains the history of our soul’s journey from the moment of its inception to now; as well as, potentials and possibilities for our future. It’s like having the Teacher’s Edition with the answers to questions about our lives printed in RED!

My soul’s Akashic Record has served as a spiritual resource for me to discover my innate gifts and my soul’s purpose. It has helped me to understand my life from a higher perspective and provided me with answers to lifelong questions in a way that finally satisfies me. It’s provided me with a foundation to base the meaning of my life upon.

I was so fascinated with this that I became a Certified Advanced Soul Realignment Practitioner. I added Akashic Record readings to my service offerings to facilitate healing, enlightenment and transformation on a soul-level within my clients as I’ve done for myself.

Over the past few years, I’ve combined my interest in “information” with my passion for spirituality and holistic healing. I’m utilizing 35 years of experience as a business professional in both large and small for-profit and non-profit organizations, 10 years of parallel experience as an entrepreneur, and 8 years of higher education to create this program through which I can share my soul’s gifts and purpose with others.

My passion and purpose is to help others discover information about their life from their soul’s perspective and discern their purpose utilizing their soul’s Akashic Record. I help them make informed decisions about how to apply this information to their lives. We heal the issues that are producing obstacles so that they can manifest their purpose. As a result, they experience greater joy, abundance and fulfillment while creating and living passionate, purpose-filled lives.

It would be my honor to provide spiritual guidance to help you find your footing, embrace a new life, and live your purpose and thrive!

Barbara Brodsho, M.A.

Soul Purpose Coach & Holistic Healer