A Resource for Healing Relationships

Are you frustrated with an unresolved, recurring issue in a relationship?

Have you ever experienced an issue in a relationship and you just can’t figure out what caused it? It continues to reoccur over and over again. Since you’re both committed to addressing it, you see all types of professionals. They can’t explain how it started and nothing they recommend helps to resolve it.

This happened in a relationship in my life and it was maddening because there was no logical reason why it was happening. I thought I would never find out the answer to it.

Recently I decided to utilize a powerful spiritual resource called the Akashic Records to ask what the root cause was of the issue. I discovered an answer that I never would’ve found out anywhere else because it isn’t something that is known or addressed in the mainstream.

It can be a result of an issue from long ago.

What I discovered is that the issue was not a result of the person’s thoughts, beliefs or emotions related to something that happened in this lifetime. The root cause was an event that occurred in a past life and the energy from that event was still affecting this person’s soul today. And to make it even more complex, I discovered that decisions that our ancestors make can also contribute to our issues today.

Energy from our ancestors can get passed on to us through our DNA.

Let me explain. There is something called an ancestral vow, and the energy of the vow can get passed down to us through our physical DNA. These might be vows of obedience, silence, sacrifice, suffering, chastity, or poverty. If an ancestor of ours made one of these vows and the behavior pattern of the vow was upheld generation after generation, then we can actually “inherit” the energy of the vow our ancestor made through our physical DNA. It can get activated in us when we experience a specific life event. For example, a marriage can act as a trigger for the ancestral vow and activate the dormant energy pattern in us. As a result, we end up attracting the experience of it to ourselves.

We can identify and clear this energy.

What I’ve learned is that we can resolve this issue through the process of bringing this to our conscious awareness, clearing the energy related to it, and then taking new and different actions. A clearing meditation serves to clear the energy related to the vows on our soul-level, as well as in our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. In this case, the clearing work also restores our physical DNA. As a result, there is an energetic shift that happens which allows more creative vital force energy to flow through us. This empowers us to make different choices that create lasting changes in our lives.

We can heal energetic patterns for future generations.

The Akashic Records provided an answer to a mystery I’ve grappled with for decades. I’m thrilled to have this powerful spiritual resource to utilize in my life and in the lives of others. It provides us with knowledge that can empower us to shift the dynamics of the relationships in our lives today, and also heal energetic patterns for future generations.

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