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7 Ways Your Soul Holds the Key to Living Your Purpose

Topics Covered In This Audio Book

Part 1: Who are we and why are we here?

Are you seeking the meaning and purpose of life, but haven’t found satisfactory answers from culture or religion?

Your soul contains wisdom that can provide the perspective you’ve been searching for.

Part 2: Your Soul’s

If your soul has a purpose for coming here, then what is its plan for carrying that out?

You might be surprised to find out how involved and empowered you are in co-creating this plan.

Part 3: The Akashic Records

Do you know that there is a spiritual resource that contains the diary of your soul’s journey?

It is possible to access your diary and tap into the wisdom it holds about your life’s purpose and plan.

About The Author

Barbara Brodsho

Barbara spent decades of her life searching for answers to the meaning of life through different mainstream methods. But she intuitively knew that there was a perspective that she hadn’t yet found. The turning point was when she discovered the meaning and purpose of her life from her soul’s perspective. It finally gave her satisfactory answers that resonated as Truth to her. It is now her soul’s mission to help other people find the answers that they’re seeking. It’s her soul’s passion to support others on their journey of self-discovery and deep healing. It’s her soul’s purpose to utilize all that she’s learned from her life experiences, education, and deep inner work to empower others to connect with the wisdom that resides in their own souls to do the same.

“I recommend the programs Barb offers. Working with her I find the answers to nagging questions about myself. I now have a much better understanding of who I am. She showed me how to connect with my soul’s purpose. I’ve learned to love myself, have compassion for myself and others. I have goals for the future and the resources to achieve them. Barb is knowledgeable and inspiring. She is kind, caring, intuitive, wise and so willing to share herself to help me find my best self.”

What Our Listeners Are Saying

Barbara writes clearly and accurately about the search for deep meaning in life. And she knows how to guide you in discovering it.

If you are seeking clarity for your life journey, this eBook is a must read! 


Barb not only understands the needs from our current experiences with the pandemic but has a life story that supports the realistic seeking of understanding why we are here, our purpose and how to use self-discovery to expand confidence in your personal journey.   


Barb has the gift of understanding the big picture perspectives as well as bringing the information to clear and practical applications.

Cheryl Leitschuh

This book holds the most important spiritual care menu you will ever find. I recommend everything on it!  As I read, I realized that in the last 5 years I have experienced all the modalities described in these pages.


Barbara is a gifted healer and teacher, and through her channeled messages, excellent resource materials and connection to wisdom masters, I have received confirmation, clarity and courage to follow my intuition and to expand self-awareness. Everything snapped into focus. 


Opening our road-weary protected selves to the healing and restorative light of Akashic Records is a gift we can embrace with a sense of safety and deepest joy. We don’t have to stumble forever, floundering, hoping to articulate meaning and purpose.


As I use the resources as Barbara has taught me, every day holds a promise of soul growth and inspired action. It’s good to be here. It’s good to be me.

Rev. Lynda Lee

Do you have that unsettled sense inside you that there is “Something More”? Something More to your life than what you are actually living? Something More to your faith than what you’ve experienced so far? Something More for you to do but you don’t know what it is?


In her book, 7 Ways Your Soul Holds the Key to Living Your Purpose, Barbara Brodsho points to the spiritual realms where you will likely start finding answers to your search for Something More. “Spiritual realms” because the yearning you feel, the uneasiness inside you, is your soul trying to get your attention. The answers lie in the home of your soul–the spiritual realms.


Barbara writes clearly and accurately about the search for deep meaning in life. And she knows how to guide you in discovering it. If you are feeling the uneasiness in your life that’s telling you there is Something More, read this book. If it resonates with you, I encourage you to reach out to Barbara for further conversation.

The Rev. Carmala Aderman


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